Would the purple tree be good if they swapped status effect damage for elemental / incendiary damage?

It seems to me that swapping status effect damage for elemental damage in Explosive Fury and incendiary damage in Superior Firepower would be easy to do, have a significant effect on the rest of the tree (while fitting with its theme) and provide a significant power kick. Would that be enough to make the tree really shine?

I’m thinking a one point skill which reduces the penalties of using fire on armour/shields would probably go a long way as well. If not a brand new skill, they could put it on Harmonious Havoc, Fired Up or Limit Break.

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Considering Skag Den is still OP and the devs didn’t learn from it when making Big Surplus, idk how this idea would play out. Moze doesn’t need more Incendiary damage. Each tree has 1/2 skills that give extra fire damage. With that in mind, maybe they could make more interesting interactions focusing on doing DoT. This is the entire point of the tree, but I find that what we got was rather boring. Idk why the devs decided to give us like 4 skills dedicated to AS Cooldown and Uptime. I don’t believe having Iron Bear longer on the field was ever a problem and to me the lower half of Purple Tree is kind of underwhelming. It would have been cool (ba dum tss) to have more skills like Biofuel and Fired Up or like the one you proposed. I would suggest something like being able to stack DoT or something (Like BL1 Hellfire or Hellborn Krieg).


And then they gave us a new com for this tree that instantly refunds action skill. Basically making all of those skills completely useless.

I like the idea of switching to elemental damage. Personally I’d also love to see something like Amara got and reduce or remove the penalties of fire on shield and armor. And/or what Zane got with immunity to self damage. Hell, splash resistance would have been something at least.


Tier 1 immunity to self damage would make Moze fans drool. Honestly, why Zane got it first…

@FL4KK3R with the incendiary skill, I was picturing having something like the +incendiary damage we can roll on artifacts but in a skill. Alongside Stoke the Embers, it would amplify all our other incendiary skills and, I believe, be multiplicative with the elemental boost further up the tree (correct me if I’m wrong).

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This is very true. Honestly I really want more skills like Fired Up or Biofuel; giving Moze special effects when Moze or IB applies status effect is a very good way to make Moze use element weapons better(not that she has any problems now; two of her best meta weapons are literally Maliwan SMGs). Giving buff effects to tick damage isn’t just relevent enough, and downright dull.

I think it’s fine. If hex spam were ones thing back during release, then superior firepower brings that playstyle back. Pair a hex with 150% grenade annoint with a mind sweeper com and superior firepower skill, and you melt everything while proccing mini nades everywhere. I believe the initial nerf on hex were reverted a couple a patches ago aswell.

Nothing was reverted; they buffed the damage and nerfed status chance. The original nerf was changing beam damage to be seperate from grenades - and the duration was cut to 3 secconds - at launch it acted more like the cloning maddening tracker

  • pretty sure the duration was only cut to improve system performance
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Ah, gotcha. Yeah, i wasn’t clear - i meant the damage were more or less reverted, or at least buffed. The beam still doesn’t proc vampyr or anything like that.

The reason why I suggested these particular bonuses, is because “elemental damage” holds its own place in the damage formula (which is why Amara’s Tempest is so good) and multiplies against a lot of other forms of damage. Moze also does not have any boosts to this in the rest of her tree so it would have maximum impact. This change aims at tackling one of the main criticisms in the tree - lack of damage.

I don’t know why Zane gets it, at all, like I’ve never died to self damage as Zane.


Yeah, that looks good. I’m mostly wondering if I can make a build work using Harmonious Havoc and a pure fire build. The skill allocation I was thinking is actually similar to yours, except for speccing into Harmonious Havoc, taking a Flare class mod, using my 150 ASA Spring Epicenter and I need to check if fire Old God, Stoke the Embers and an incendiary damage stat on the class mod / artifact would all multiply together. It’s just going to take a while getting there because I’ve decided to train a new Moze up to get there.


Btw, I’m on PlayStation too. My PSN is EpicDamo if you fancy a co-op partner.

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Apparently Duct Tape Mod is way more OP than Torgue Cross Promotion. (/sarcasm)

Since Harmonious Havoc also counts in dual-element Maliwan guns, it’s pretty easy to have at least 4~5 stacks of HH. I didn’t spec into it because the bug was simply too annoying to ignore, but if it gets patched I’m definitely taking it.

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What bug? Seems to be working fine for me.

There was a bug that HH got turned off when you enter ffyl or IB. You had to switch your weapon for once to turn it back on. If it’s fixed thats yippee.

Oh that sounds annoying, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

Looking at your build, where does the life steal/healing come from? I’ve been trying to do it with Rushin Offensive but Moze already has enough trouble blowing herself up.

If you have dots all over from the hex, run away from the enemies and you will heal. Also the hex impacts will heal you while running.

Rushin’ offensive and otto’s idol

(The build i have in that clip is nothing i recommend btw, i just wanted to get an idea of how superior firepower, hex and 500% crit nova paired with eachother.)

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