Would this be a good weapon idea?

C.O.V weapon which summons a vault guardian/s

How would that work, exactly? Similar to Deathtrap?

It sounds more like an action skill to me.

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I always thought it would be interesting to have weapons with built in killskills/stacks. Almost like the weapon is a character itself. They have levels. They talk sometimes haha. So why not? A whole new dynamic between your killskills and the guns. Maybe there already is who knows. This might be the ticket for something like your guardian summoning

It shoots vault guardians out of the barrel

I dunno about summoning Vault Guardians… maybe something like the Swordsplosion/Unicornsplosion, where it fires Vault Guardians instead of bullets/rockets/whatever.

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how about it shoots Dwarfs ( who look like Sal ) :wink:

I always wanted a legendary gun at 1st lvl that would lvl up as you do. Every lvl it get’s more dmg, fire rate, better accuracy ect. Every 3 lvls you can choose a perk to make it more powerful, like increased clip size, elemental dmg, (eventually you could have multiple elements) bullet regen, health regen stuff like that. I think that would be cool.

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So you could just never use another weapon? Sounds kinda…not borderlandsy

I want a Dead Space type of weapon in BOrderlands.

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which is exactly why I don´t think getting that shiny Maliwan gun with VIP points is worth it

I rather save for keys, they got legendaries in golden chess this time

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Yeah. I just want my borderlands. Keep all these other games dna the hell away from it. If it were basically a bigger, shinier, more immersive bl1 I’d be happy.

That’s exactly how it feels to me, based on the brief time I played it yesterday.

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So much yes.