Would This Change Your Mind? (Concerning Leaks)

Simple question. I still don’t know how one embeds a video, but here it is by UEG

A Tragic Borderlands 3 Scapegoat

I’m sure for the majority the answer is no. However, I think with the new information presented, 2K and Gearbox have a moral obligation to provide further detail or announce their pending lawsuit.

My apologies to our neighborhood friendly monocle if this should not be a new topic, but the original topic was closed since some people couldn’t keep the conversation civil. I knew UEG was going to make one more video on the topic, and I really had hoped the thread lasted long enough for us to at least discuss whatever it contained.

Well here it is. If the discussion continues I urge everyone to avoid personal attacks. That’s not what this is for. I simply believe this forum is the best place to discuss this issue. My intent is not to bring the game down, but to voice my personal displeasure at this unfortunate series of events. Hopefully 2K and Gearbox will take it as constructive criticism.


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It was always a highly suspect move.

Bringing all the power that millions of dollars can bear, has been the modus operandi of giant corporations since giant corporations rose up into existence upon the bodies of slaves and the working poor (slaves by another name).

Nothing shall change until an informed populace makes a stand against them.

Which, as we have clearly seen in this case, is highly unlikely.

The poor are toxic to their fellow poor.

And so it goes.


Honestly, I just don’t care.



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They aren’t obligated to share anything.

Don’t see the reason why this topic keeps coming back up. The dude messed up, move on.

One day it might be you finding hidden info on an upcoming game, cultivating a youtube channel where you talk about it, and then having it bullied into oblivion by suits.

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They DID share it, via a leak.

THEY messed up.

They can go kick rocks.

Supmatto did NOTHING wrong.

Nothing wrong legally speaking, at any rate.

One could argue his being an uber fan and simply being too nice as examples of his having messed up, but then we are once again presented with the question of what kind of world do we want to live in, and… what manner of citizenry would praise the not so metaphorical ritualized slaughter of an innocent numbering amongst their fellows?

Not even Rome.


Nobody has even bothered to address the contents of the video.

I haven’t had time to watch it on computer to be able to read the discord screenshots but Randy Pitchford directly communicates with Supmatto about a video from October 17 at some point which apparently lead to s conversation that remained civil. Also there were screenshots from conversations with his “source” if I followed correctly (again, on mobile it’s too hard to make out the discord conversations) and there were talks about whether there was any “crossing the line” of possibilities of blacklisting of which there were not.

Had Gearbox had issues with what he was releasing, there was precedent that direct dialog with Supmatto was not an issue. Therefore, there was no apparent reason for 2K to assume their only outlet for retaliation was PIs and unfounded DMCAs.

If people don’t care at all, I can’t convince them to care. But if there’s even an inkling in your mind to have an opinion, I don’t see how anyone can justify the actions of 2K. And I believe it does bring Gearbox into the conversation. There was previous contact with Supmatto and Gearbox, and apparently 2K either didn’t even discuss the issue with their developer at all, or Gearbox approved of their actions.


All of this reminds me of when I got pulled over for a taillight out. The cop took my license and registration and said if everything came back ok I’d be free to go. After sitting there for nearly an hour, another officer arrives, me and my passenger were cuffed, the K9 walked around my car, my car searched, and - of course - nothing found.

I proceeded to tell the officer, if he wanted to search me he could have asked. I would’ve given him permission and we both could have saved a couple hours of our life. Instead he behaved like a coward.

You know 2K, if you just ask questions like men, and if it really bothered you so much ask the videos to be taken down, I would bet Matt would have complied. Prove me wrong.


I heard Hayder is also on the naughty list. :shushing_face:

For what?!?!? Lol. And may ask from where you heard?

It is rather touchy and I’m actually concerned the lawsuit had to happen.
But this is for me. Been waiting for BL3, no way I’m backing out.

What lawsuit? As far as I’m aware there still isn’t any legal action.

I’ll go ahead and say it. What 2K did to SupMatto was downright dirty. I watched many of his leak videos, and the vast majority of those leaks contained information from other sources like Reddit, all he did was report on them. The rest of his info came from Gearbox accidentally leaking their own test accounts for the Twitch extension app, which SupMatto caught. Why shut down a guy for reporting on leaks instead of trying to find the source of the leaks within Gearbox and fire them, since that employee was clearly violating NDA’s by leaking stuff?

Half of my hype for this game is owed to SupMatto, I wouldn’t have been nearly as hyped for it without his leaks. I won’t boycott Borderlands 3 over them ruining his livelihood, because I want to play the game and I don’t want to hurt Gearbox, who had nothing to do with it most likely, but 2K needs to try to be better in the future. Their parent company Take-Two has pulled this crap before with GTA leakers as well.


If you watch the video I linked in the original post it appears that there were no NDAs violated. You have to trust UEG mostly, but his reporting was way more fair than inside gaming if you ask me.

And I’m not boycotting Borderlands 3. I’m boycotting anything published by TT/2K period. I guess I should thank them for making me more of an aware consumer again. I let that go for a long time. I’ve been researching every publisher for potential purchases, and I’ll start doing the same again for other things in life.

It’s not worth it. It’s not worth the entertainment value to support crappy corporations. The average Gearbox employee is not going to suffer over a boycott - a widespread one isn’t going to happen this time anyway. Hopefully it’s remembered the next time they start throwing dog piles and it actually hurts their bottom line.

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For me all the information in this video is nothing new and wasn’t for quite some time. But and that is what people really don’t seem to get: SupMatto did something wrong and was for at least some videos not protected by fair use. Pretty much all videos discussing leaks about the game that were made before the official announcement were not protected and therefore, were easy enough to use as ammo against his channel. On that front 2k had a right to go against him.

But the way they did it, by striking over 100 videos, many of which weren’t even about Borderlands 3, was tasteless and almost guaranteed misuse of the copyright system. And don’t get me started about the PI’s that were sent as if there was no better way of giving legal notice.

As some might remember, I was the one that opened the “original” thread and we have to be open to some harsh truths, if we want to discuss that topic. SupMatto wasn’t innocent. That isn’t making 2k’s following actions any less tasteless, though.


I believe the exclusive access afforded to inside gaming, the fact that there was previous dialogue with Pitchford, and the information suggesting there were likely no NDAs violated are all new and relevant.

And whether or not Supmatto is innocent is honestly irrelevant at this point based on how 2K handled the situation. If it was handled in a civil manner, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If they had simply strikes only the videos that were not “fair use” or had struck those videos in a timely manner upon their creation instead of months later after a fit about a particular one, and that resulted in the deletion of his channel, we, again, wouldn’t be having this conversation (that I do appreciate you starting)

One could argue none of his videos were “fair use” based on 2Ks position on monetization of their IPs. But I won’t support a company that holds that position as a personal choice. I don’t necessarily fault those that take 2Ks side. But I think they’ve presented a slippery slope.


There is no argument to be had as law overrules corporate structures. 2k is basically just declaring that they are the ones to control what people can and can’t show. But there is no legal ground for that (not on it’s own).
Like I said, the way they handled it was absolutely not needed and unnecessary. The fact that they didn’t strike SupMatto sooner might have to do with the legal investigation, so I wouldn’t even fault them for that, but just basically striking everything the channel put out in the last year of it’s lifespan was so far beyond anything respectable, that I really don’t understand who would have decided that way. I mean, if you absolutely wanted negative attention, then sure I guess, but otherwise there is no reason to order a deathbed of DMCA copyright strikes.

And I still say that 2k has probably made a deal with Inside Gaming as otherwise they couldn’t say such nonsense like “we have seen evidence”. Evidence of a court case or an ongoing investigation mustn’t be shown publicly to anyone outside of investigators or law staff. This rule stands to not compromise a case and to protect all parties from public opinion. The exact opposite seemed to be the goal here.

The new info in regards to Gearbox and there not being an NDA was indeed not news for me, but it seemingly was for most. The spoilers in one of the shown screenshot were however, so be warned.

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I think this is what continues to bug me the most and why I can’t let go of the topic. I’ve tried multiple times to put myself in 2Ks shoes. Trying to decide how I would handle this situation. None of those times could I come to grips with their methodology.

The only thing I can picture is some little kid crying to their daddy that somebody said something they weren’t supposed to and their daddy going berserk and ordering all of this nonsense.

I’m super interested to put faces on the “little kid” and the “daddy”

Edit: To put it in another perspective, can we all try to imagine a meeting in a corporate boardroom where a large group of 10-20 people minimum decide that this is their course of action against Supmatto. Really. “Well, I think our only option is to send our PIs to get information, in the mean time call Discord and have his account terminated. File 7 DMCAs on these videos. “

The next day

“Sir, 6 of the DMCA s were rejected”
“Do all of his videos then”
“He made a response video, too”
“Call IGN and Inside Gaming, paint him as a liar, I want him to burn”

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