Would Turning ELO Off Be A Good Quick Fix?

I posted this in another thread but I’m worried it will get buried.

Do you guys think turning off ELO would be a decent quick helpful thing to do for matchmaking?

Am I misunderstanding, or does it seem to anyone else that the easiest solution right now might just be to turn ELO OFF?

I mean, we are all already getting terribly unbalanced matches 75 percent of the time anyway, right?

I’d much rather be able to find terribly unbalanced matches faster across all 3 game modes than wait an indeterminate amount of time in Incursion to only to get what will probably be a terribly unbalanced, boring / frustrating match anyway…

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it’s not really doing much currently. As is it’s only preventing people who win EVERY single time from people who lose EVERY single time

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So theretically at this point turning it to off may allow more people to find each other for matches more quickly?

If it speeds up MMing, I’m all for it.

As you said, the match ups are terrible anyway. So, why not turn it off?

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I don’t see what difference it could make. I was in a lobby of all 100’s (didn’t que as a full party) and was on a 20 game winning streak… we still got matched 3 games in a row where not a single enemy was over lvl 10. One of the 3 nobody on the other team was past lvl 4 and there was a lvl 2 and lvl 1 in a party together. If ELO is turned on I have no idea what it could even be doing.

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Let’s say someone has just bought the game and loads it up
Your at ELO 1500. The range is between 1350-1700 with a range of ±200 You can play everyone in mm for your next 5 wins then it starts weeding out the people who have been losing all their games. Up until 1700 where you’ll play with everyone who 1500 (new players) and up. I imagine very very few of our player are at exactly 1700 or 1350 so the variance is in actually pretty small.
It’s true that if they devs removed ELO we would technically raise our available count but those available players would be on the very far end of the spectrum.
If your a new player and you have lost your last 15 games (I’m sure you would have quit the game at that point but regardless) do you really still want to be playing with the people who win every single game?
and vice versa


It’s not doing me much in terms of balanced matches (31% win rate atm) so I’m all for turning it off and seeing how it pans out - the more matches I get to play, hopefully the more I can learn and improve…


Exactly this.

Regardless of how bad or lopsided a game is surely you’re learning more from it than you are by staring at the matchmaking screen.


NO! It will not help!

1st, ELO is 100% based off of win/loss, not rank, nor titles, nor hours played. So don’t think of it as anything but a %. You win every other match, you have a 50 ELO. Win 2 out of ever 3, 66.

2nd, when they had the competitive and casual queues, competitive was strictly based on ELO, you only got matches with people in a certain range, not sure what it was but my guess is ±5. Casual had no ELO requirement. MM was so bad in competitive and spotlight because of the small number of people who wanted to play it and the strict ELO requirement, everyone played casual and only voted for Overgrowth. That was the reason they went back because the people who dislike incursion, couldn’t get a non-incursion match. Sounds kind of familiar to all the people wanting a combined queue for capture and meltdown.

3rd, the way the current MM works is the following:
When you first get in, looks to match based on ELO, again my guess is ±5, then after a couple minutes, ELO range goes to ±10, then after a few more minutes, it drops the ELO requirement to find the next game, then it matches you against another 5 man team.

So NO. Dropping ELO will only make matches less balanced but you will get one in about 5 fewer minutes.

I played only the competitive queue, and I didn’t wait for more than a minute or two to get a match. This was on the PS4. It probably wouldn’t be the same today, though.