Would You Buy a Borderlands VR Collection?

EDIT (10/9/18): Borderlands 2 is coming to PSVR December 14th!
EDIT (3/7/19): Borderlands 2 VR has AIM controller support in the new update!

With the advent of AAA VR games including new titles and remasters alike ie: Skyrim, Fallout 4, DOOM VFR, L.A. Noire VR Missions etc… I have three questions: Would you buy a VR Collection of Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel? Would you buy separate standalone VR releases of each? Would you buy a “DLC” that enables VR for each game that you already own (The Handsome Collection on PSVR and for each individual release on PC). Basically do you want Borderlands VR?

Cause I know I would. In fact it’d be the reason I’d finally get into VR. I know there is some debate about endlessly re-releasing and porting games and this and that but let me tell you, having borrowed my friends PSVR headset to play Resident Evil 7, wow. I mean, unless you’ve tried VR the sense of place and being in the world in incredible. Resident Evil was horrifying and incredibly fun to play in VR. You are in this house with these horrible people that are trying to kill you, if you turn around away from the TV you’re still there in this world. What I couldn’t shake while playing Resident Evil was that every time I put the headset on and got that sense of place I’d smile and think “Wow! This is amazing! You know what would be just about the greatest thing ever? Borderlands in VR!”

The good thing about remastering the Borderlands series for VR would be that it would GREATLY extend the longevity of the games’ life. They’ll be around for a long time obviously but with VR picking up more and more steam every month it would really take the series into what will inevitably become part of the future of video games. Plus lets be honest, we all love Borderlands. My favourite of the 3 and also my favourite game of all time is and always will be the original Borderlands. Many people share my love of the first game and many more love the second game the most. My basic thinking is that if there is a way that I can get even more immersed in this terrifically built and fleshed out world Gearbox had created then I wanna do it! VR is that way.

On the technical side of things I don’t see it being much of any issue to port. I’ll be honest I don’t know much about what it would take to port but seeing as how the huge game Fallout 4 was ported to VR then I don’t see why any of the older Borderlands games couldn’t be ported as well. They are all old enough that they should all be able to be portable to PSVR as well, or at least the original game, just like they did with Skyrim. And I can see all three games shining on PC, especially with the advent of the Oculus Touch controllers and HTC Vive’s new Vive Pro.

In a perfect world these VR options would be added for free but porting to VR costs time and money. The best way to do it in my opinion would be instead of flooding the market with another copy of each game (but in VR) which I think is a little silly. Would be to provide updates to each individual game on PC and the Handsome Collection on PS4 that adds VR functionality into them including new menus for VR control options etc… Then have a VR DLC released to unlock access for say $20? That way its most likely cheaper than buying a full remaster of each game. It’s just like what some games do today with DLC maps, they include the map in the update for everybody so that if someone chooses to buy it they can do so and have it ready to play immediately rather than having to download anything else.

If you aren’t on board yet consider these points:

Part of what makes Borderlands great is the crazy cool guns you find. In VR you can examine them like never before by turning them around in your hands and bringing them close to your face rather than just inside the backpack screen.

VR owners could potentially be able to literally crouch down in real life to examine a dropped weapons’ stats card, especially with Oculus or the HTC Vive. If the stats of the weapon look good to you then you are able to reach down and pick it up with your hands. This greatly excites me.

In Fallout 4 VR the HUD for the Power Armor suit wraps around the screen to give you a sense of wearing a helmet. I think something similarly cool and badass could be achieved with Zero’s HUD while in Deception.

What does everyone think?

Bonus Question: Would you wait an extra four or five hypothetical months for Borderlands 3 if it meant VR at launch? I think Borderlands 3 should have VR at some point as the game would be the best being built with the future of game technologies in mind, and part of that future is VR.


Maybe - depends on what was done to remaster it.


Yes, but not because it meant VR at launch: because it means that’s how long it takes. If I had an option: get BL3 sans VR now or get BL3 with VR four or five months from now, I’d get it now and pass on the VR.

I have zero interest in VR… haven’t seen a demonstration of it yet that makes me think it would be more entertaining than playing with a regular screen with keyboard and mouse for controls.


No. But that’s only because VR gives me motion sickness.


I see your point about waiting extra time for VR Borderlands 3 if it was already done. Although to really see the potential of VR you’d have to try it yourself because you just can’t see what VR is like through a demonstration, I’d recommend checking it out. I was interested in VR when it started coming out but after trying Resident Evil 7 on the PSVR no less, which is significantly lower quality than the Oculus or Vive, I was very impressed with it.

VR Rabid Stalkers?!

F*** that!

I love the idea of VR but I dont think its quite there yet quality wise.
Im not sure how the style of Borderlands would work with it either.

It would be pretty cool though.(stalkers not withstanding.)

Too many visual effects going on that close to my face doesn’t sound much fun. I would have to stay away from elemental weapons. ^.^;

Currently I hate the way moving around is usually done in VR, and the twitch of guns his horrendous in nearly every VR game that I have played and I personally hate it. Really ruins the immersion. If VR was perfected then yeah, I would play.

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Yes, absolutely yes.

We’ve been waiting for an updated version of BL1 for how long?

Imagine fighting the Rakkhive in VR?! I don’t even care how well it’s done. Attach my eyes to the right stick of a PS4 and I won’t stop playing.

Hello Lootsplosion.

Not a chance. The only ‘shooter’ game I had a postitive experience with on VR was Resident Evil, but that’s also a ‘low’ intensity shooter. You don’t have to be whiplash accurate to get the job done in that game, and you’re usually not swarmed by 6+ enemies. I can’t imagine trying to do precision shooting in VR in a high intensity, high effects game like BL.

Besides, from a financial standpoint, the only real successful VRs are coming from the PS4 and from phone-based apps. I don’t think a multi-platform game like BL would justify the cost of a VR port that would only affect one (maybe two if we include PC as a candidate) of the platforms.


No. I have no interest in it.

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Well, yes, I think so. I don’t think it would be easy to do well, though.

But yes, in principle.

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No interest in VR in general. Begin able to stitch between first person and 3rd person would be nice though.

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No. This franchise needs to move on in one way only, and that’s the next edition no.3.

For the most it’s a fast twitched shooter with a lot of visual effects. Some games may adapt well to VR but i’m not sure the style of this game would. Very atmospheric games like Resident Evil as mentioned well yeh, probably a hoot.

But you can’t beat just getting comfy and playing hours on end, farming gear and testing out your gear. Can’t see how that would port well to VR.

Besides, imagine your sat in your room all alone, then a pack of Rabid Skags starts eating you alive! You’d sit there screaming and then get carted off to the Asylum with your folks thinking you’ve lost the plot :wink:


Probably not. Just being honest, here.

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Nope, I have no interest in VR

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As I think about it, how is this not a poll? :wink:

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I really dont think the experiance would be more than a gimmick. But thats only cause im not willing to drop a grand on the gear to even try it out.

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Sorry for being 6 months late. I don’t have any vr device, but I want one badly and would definitely a Borderlands vr. I know at least 3 of my friends would also be interested in that. Most of the people who replied said no, but there are tons of people who don’t have an account or simply don’t even know about this website and would totally say yes.

long answer sorry

welp they just released a trailer for Borderlands 2 VR (PS VR launch exclusive)

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Yup. Details here:


Yes, for PC… I don’t own any consoles.