Would You Buy a Borderlands VR Collection?

(Spike Xl) #22

Yes I would buy it. But only for PC VR. I enjoy the ability to turn around without getting motion sick.

(Kyle) #23

Borderlands 2 is coming to PSVR! Did you end up getting a VR headset yet? I’m sure it’ll be ported to PC later even if you don’t have PSVR. I imagine this is only a timed exclusive.

(El Raberto) #24

Not for me. The VR experience is too expensive for this PC gamer and there’s too little content out there at the moment that I’d be interested in. I’m certainly not going to buy a console just so I can have the pleasure of buying yet another copy of any of my favourite games to experience it in limited VR. I’ll stick to using my current kit, use all my senses and have my brain do it’s thing. That’s enough reality for me. :wink:

(Isthiswill) #25

I’m also a PC player, and since I am mouse and keyboard exclusively, relearning the interface would basically change the game dramatically for me, possibly in ways I’m not going to be too happy about. I tried playing with an Xbox 360 controller and about lost my mind. I could not get into playing that way at all. So I can only imagine how much I’ll recoil trying to play it in VR.

I wouldn’t mind having the VR visuals while maintaining the traditional mouse and keyboard interface. I’d especially like it for TPS.

(wisecarver) #26

Came back to these forums just for this and to say: Heck no.

(TX383) #27

No. I’d really rather they spend those resources on an epic BL3.

(Assail Purge Eviscerate ) #28

No. Vr not my thing. I’m sure other’s will enjoy it though.

(Jack-Splitter) #29

I honestly wonder the amount of time before people just start recording entire playthroughs and uploading them to youtube to give some sort of PC accesibility to the experience.

(Colder) #30

Yeah, VR is too expensive for me and I don’t have the space for it.
Speaking of Zero, how would you even play melee? I mean It’s so fast paced with Execute, MMF chains, shield stripping etc.

(H0PE) #31

No. VR os pverrated, very bad technology as of now.
Future will be some kind of Virtual/mixed reality.
Current VR is terrible IMHO.

(Mr_Matt) #32

Personally, I cannot WAIT for this.

Don’t seem to be able to pre-order it in the UK yet though, sadly.

(Brute 912) #33

I’m not a fan of VR. I feel like the game industry in general is getting ahead of themselves with high quality games like VR and games that involve microtransaction on most titles these days. I can’t blame them because of the expensive software programs they are using to develope their games as of right now. I’m kind of blaming the companies for this like Autodesk and other companies like them. I’d say the quality is already fine at this point for games like Battleborn and Paladin’s (excluding the bugs they got right now). I’d say they need to slow down on making the next VRs and consoles and just work on making game titles that the audience in general are demanding like online games that should enable an offline option for gameplay reasons.

(lowlines - PS4) #34

I wouldn’t mind a Borderlands VR bundle with a skinned headset with “made by Hyperion” on the side.

(MentalMars) #35

Maliwan - Form Meets Function

(also @headshotveteran I expected a poll in the first post :stuck_out_tongue: :zipper_mouth_face:)

(Isthiswill) #36

I figure it would be more appropriate to post a poll on the PS4 section of the BL2 directory. It’s probably not biased in a positive direction to ask the general pool of forum members, because seriously, how many people are going to buy a PS4 & VR just to play this game? The release seems more geared towards PS4 owners to get them to make the leap to VR. PC & X Box players would, in my opinion, probably be more inclined to just wait on the next generation of consoles rather than purchasing another current generation device.

(Is this thing on?) #37

Not to mention that this thread pre-dates the PSVR announcement by a fair bit (OP dated Feb 12th 2018, announcement made Oct 9th 2018)

Which is probably why there’s no poll in the OP…

(lowlines - PS4) #38

The OP is obviously a seer sent back from the future!

(But that's none of my business.) #39

Nope. VR is expensive, and doesn’t convert well to a farming enviorment.

(Balthazarn) #40

I know I’m late to the party but I have a question : a colleague recently introduced me to one of those devices that tracks your eyes and change the point of view.

Being naturally prone to migraines, I’m not really willing to buy a VR helmet type of device, but this tracking device is something I’m getting interested in. While still being a certain price, I’d be able to use it on a few games, and it costs waaay less than helmets, while not having screens right in front of my eyes.

Now, I don’t know if it works the same, having a helmet or an eye tracking device? Has anyone tested this out?

(Zen_Disaster) #41

I agree & can wait for new content to try VR if they develop some good PC games for it. But I have my doubt as to its overall viability for the home gaming market ~~ developers have said it’ll cost them about 35%+ more to produce than games for PC & console which I can easily understand but will the content suit the machine?

The way it is on the traditional platforms one of the most fun things we do is to get involved & immersed in computer games but will you want to do that if you’re wearing a big clunky headset? I kinda doubt it but we’ll see. It’s easy to forecast how useful it can be in education, healthcare et al but I’m not so sure about gaming…