Would you give BB 2 a chance if there made it and what changes there should amke

I saw an old video of Battleborn, and it got me thinking of it. I remember it was a good game, not great, but good as the PvP could be a bit broken. We all know one of the reasons the game didn’t get popular was that it launches simultaneously as overwatch. I think that if there plan on doing a new battleborn 2 then it would be better. I mean, it might be the same as the borderlands, where the first game wasn’t that popular but the second blow as the most popular game. So if there did make plans on making a sequel, I would give it a shot. I would think there should try to make its PvP and PvE balances. What do you all think? Would you give BB a second chance, and what change would you think there should make.

I would buy it a month or two after release, if I was happy with the population size and balance direction. But it will never happen because…

There’s a big difference between a game not being popular, and it having a large stigma surrounding it (founded or not).

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I’d buy it if PvE and PvP were separated, as in they had different balancing. What was fun in the former could be OP in the latter. Conversly, what was balanced in the latter could make the former more difficult than it needed to be. Take release Alani: she was just fine in pve, but was way too powerful in pvp.

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