Would you have preferred a Diablo 2 Style way of addressing the loot levels?

Personally I would much rather Borderlands have a style similar to Diablo 2 in regards to level requirements with the items and then vary the stats of those items but not very the level required to use it. This way you could create low level legendaries that are good for early game and mid game and late game legendaries ultimately at the end.

This would end the major problem of loot being useless in 5 levels or so and the more common games would have their stats adjusted based on the area level of of the area it is dropped in.

I don’t mind Borderlands 2 current system but everytime I make a new character all I keep thinking about with my min/max OCD is just rushing to 72 to begin the “real fun” of actually caring about the guns I want. My hope is for a Borderlands game one day that uses a different system in which legendaries can be at all phases of the game depending on the one you use.

The big advantage of the current system is you can eventually use all legendaries at max level if you so choose and you dont have to worry about lower level legendaries only being good for early game like I described.

I’m not familiar with the D2 approach to loot level. It sounds like you can increase the levels of loot, is that correct?

You can’t increase the loot level of uniques (basically equivalent of legendaries) but there was a thing called “Horadric Cube” where you could put in a unique to make it stronger but otherwise at its base system you have to meet a certain level to reach a unique you wanted to use. For example you have Azurewrath Phase Blade requires you to be level 85 before you can use it.

There are other uniques that you can start using as early as level 3 or 4. But they tend to be weaker than other uniques who require a higher required level.

So basically in this system you can farm things early on that won’t be so useless for a long time if ever (depends on their magical properties).

Borderlands 1 was a lot closer to the mark.

A Hellfire or Anarchy or Crux-Plague could carry you for 20 levels beyond their own item level.

Hell, the Purple AF that Digit and Pinky drop in the Remaster carried my Roland all the way to the Roidrage Psycho and well beyond.

I think I was level 19 when I finally switch it out.

It was level 3.

But no.

I do not want a Diablo 2 style loot system in a Borderlands.

Unless you mean like the original concept, where there was to have been armor slots, and sets, and such.

Most decent gear was high level anyway, in Diablo 2.

Niche things like Frosties were all well and good, but, as I alluded, they were armor pieces.

Nobody ran low level weapons at end game.

The damage.