Would you like a change of the skill tree in Borderlands 3?


The skill trees in Borderlands games have more or less always been the same. Sure, they added some things to it in the past games like counters, the middle part is always a unique skill that changes up gameplay drastically. However, how would you like an updated skill tree? Multiple paths within one tree, less counters? (There was a lot of those types of skills in Pre-Sequal) more drastically changed gameplay skills? More than one choice in terms of end of tree skill within each tree?

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Personally I would like to see the trend of skill tree design present in TPS continue into BL3 as that game undoubtedly has the best skill trees in the series. If I have one gripe though and I know @Derch mentioned it a lot are those skills that have random melee buffs to non melee characters. Those could be used in a much more intuitive way. As far as any changes to the standard formula I quite like the idea of skills that on top of actually boosting character stats, they also physically augment the character. An example would be WIlhelm in TPS going down the Cyber Commando tree. He gets a deeper and more terrifying voice and his body is actually changed with bits and pieces of metal framework. I thought that was badass. I guess you could just say I want more “creative” skill tree design, something that I think TPS nailed perfectly :smile:

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As long as they don’t force you into picking certain skills to move down the skill tree (like Anarchy, Maelstrom, Clappy’s subroutines) I think I’d be okay with anything.

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What the people above me said and imo the skill trees would be perfect. I don’t want to be able to get all 3 cap stones. Nothing wrong with the basic formula they’ve used since bl1

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Well done stack based skills are what make truly amazing characters in Borderlands. Without having multiple action skills like MOBAs or Warframe, you need a little bit of “forced” synergy to make a character feel coherent and memorable. In terms of intended mechanics, I’d say a character is a failure 9 times out of 10 without some kind of core stacking skill.

So if anything stays, stacking skills need to.

For example, even for how well designed Jack is as a character; If it wasn’t for glitch guns to give him something amazing to synergize off of, he would have just been another pet/soldier character that happened to be better than the rest.

In this day and age what Borderlands needs is mobility, plain and simple.

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