Would you like for borderlands 3 to have cosmetic microtransactions?

As title says, would you like this game to have cosmetic microtransactions? The cash from these could be used to improve the lacking aspects of this game, including gameplay, content and gun imbalance and more free content (that’s not cosmetic).

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m curious if people are willing to sacrifice a trivial aspect of the game in favor of more important ones.

No way, jose. Let’s start seeing skins change your actual costume first.
Then let’s start seeing them drop from new bosses and enemies from new content.
I don’t think microtransaction heads are really… The content I want at the moment.


Yeah, but they’ll have more resources to invest in stuff that matters more, like gameplay, gun and class balance. Do you feel me?


I don’t know man, I feel like they aren’t really hurting when it comes to resources. If that was the case, I would rather see a road map of possible content if we completed a gofundme. I’d rather put money towards playable stuff than heads that no one will see since I play solo mostly.

They’d sold more than 8 million copies by the end of 2019, this simply isn’t the situation.

No. That kind of stuff is what I expect from the original price I paid for the game.

We have already paid extra for extra content (individually or season pass) and will again for any more in future. Gear balance, skill fixing, bugs etc. are the core of the game and should be fixed when they are broken.

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Let me put it like this: I don’t want it and I wouldn’t buy it, but if they eventually put them in I won’t mind it if that means that the game gets supported for longer.


I don’t really mind, it’s just cosmetics after all.
I just voted no because I’m not interested in them.


Kind of a poorly worded question; I don’t think anyone would like to have cosmetics that cost money in this game.

Sure, of all the things that could cost money, I’d prefer if it was just things like cosmetics, and I wouldn’t be opposed to it. That’s not keeping anyone from enjoying what the game has to offer, gameplay wise.

But straight forward yes/no? No, I wouldn’t want it.

I would not mind if they decided to sell some skins packs. It’s not my thing though, but as long as it’s not implamented in such way that it constantly reminds me that it’s there everytime i log in, i’m not bothered.

I would buy headhunter packs though, stuff that gives me some gameplay out of it. Even if it’s just one map and a boss. I quite like the seasonal themed packs in BL2, especially the mercenary day and halloween ones.

Voted no, could have had more options.

Yes. I like my Amara and Zane but haven’t found a good head for my Moze that I like or a good everything for my Flak

I’d like microtransactions but if they were costumes or something more substantial. For example, if for Christmas we have a Snowman costume. If we do get these I’d like them to be account wide and they can be slightly higher dollar. If it is a costume where as if they do something very specific like giving Amara a wrestler costume or something then I’m fine with it being single-character BUT I want that particular thing cheaper.

I’ve stated many times I want to purchase a mini-bank for my VH. I like to have Amara’s guns all on Amara but hate lugging them around all the time. $5 for 50 spaces for a mini-bank would do me fine.

Other than that there aren’t too many things I can think of that can be microtransactions.
-A few dollars for a bigger VH room? Or maybe we purchase a house on Pandora. Maybe even get a shi- house on Pandora for free via a quest. Then other houses on other planets are bigger and purchasable.
-Change the appearance of our car into a RL car or motorcycle. That’s just a cosmetic.
-Past VHs. I’ve said it before but they could easily do a simulation or something akin to a training VR thing where they bring back past VHs and can we pay to play past VHs but in this game. Even if it is bare bones no dialogue that is fine by me. I mean the assets basically seem all there for a few characters like Maya and Wilhelm/Jack.

Can’t think of anything else.

Another microtransaction gag that I think would be funny is if Moxxi started camming. I’m sure plenty of people would simp for Moxxi (only using her as example since she’s most likely. For males obviously Axton)

Hell no. In my eyes, you can either go with micro transactions or substantive DLC campaigns. Not both. And I am so happy they chose the latter.

Slow your roll!
Why not just have all that stuff be earnable through crew challenges, map challenges, etc.
I don’t wanna just keep throwing money at the game until it’s cool!
There’s a reason I never touched Fallout 76!

I don’t think a lack of resources is the problem with the game. The issues lie more with the fact that they never really appeared to have a clear idea of what they wanted the endgame to look like. We have an entire season pass with 4 DLC’s (decent stories but lacking in enjoyable sidequests) and not a single raid boss, circle of slaughter, or even trial for replayability with them.

The lack of raid bosses and playable DLC characters are my two biggest letdowns from this game. Gonna stop myself before I get into anointments and mayhem 2.0 because I’ll be typing all day.

TLDR: No, they have our money already and should make due with that.

Lol what?

I already contributed $240 for this trash. They can’t stretch that for the stuff they broke?

Simping for moxxi eww and Axton? cringe what the heck all my homies simp for Krieg.

Simply no, there’s already a decent variety in game to find or buy from earl plus the fact you rarely see the changes you’ve made if solo playing. Me personally I barely care about them my 2nd Moze run I picked something other than default and not changed it once after doing most of the content.

Well, if it doesn’t affect you at all, why vote no? It only provides them more money to invest resources into the game to improve other aspects that matter.

I see a lot of other people having the same opinion which for me it doesn’t really make much sense.

It simply comes down to how the poll is worded: “Would you like microtransactions?”. Well, no. Most people don’t, no matter what it is. Ever so slightly different wording and I might say yes. Language is funny like that.

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