Would you like for borderlands 3 to have cosmetic microtransactions?

More money? You think they haven’t already profited alot from from sales, season pass and packs they have already released not to mention more paid for content to come.

TBF, there are only 2 options in the poll. If you had “I don’t care one way or the other” that would probably be the most popular pick. But of the two choice listed, if you don’t care, then why would you like for there to be something else for you to buy? If you don’t care about not having the option to buy something but your only 2 choices are to support buying and not support buying it, I’d just not support it.

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Cosmetics from microtransactions are cosmetics that can’t be earned while playing the game. I would say that affects players lol

Borderlands is one of the few AAA franchises that have yet to be infected by MTX, I’d rather it stay that way. And with a publisher like 2K, they’re definitely waiting for the first opportunity to shove as many MTX as they can in an already profitable series.

Let’s keep those flood gates closed :slight_smile:

I’ll only consider paying if they are substantial cosmetics. Like, straight up new model and animations that clearly requires more work than new colors and a single head.

Flawed topic - money isn’t an issue, issue is consumer assumption of production state of the game.

We don’t have their list of work hours or department allocation. To say “X isn’t being fixed” when it is actually known and on a schedule that is not public information, it’s IP of GBX software.

I don’t see the point in buying a skin? I mean why? For what functionality bar a passing mood?

I bought a couple of the skins for BL2 that I thought were funny.

Not sure I’d buy skins for this game, but wouldn’t care if they created some for sale either.
As long as the game doesn’t turn into an online live service game like destiny.

The only cosmetic I care for are the weapon cosmetics, because I can see them. I never see my Echo device, and only see my skin/head when I’m driving or in the menu.

The weapon skins I don’t care for so much, but I would consider buying some if they made some manufacturer-themed ones that worked for me (like they have to be better than the stock manufacturer skins).

Something I would definitely buy: nice manufacturer-themed trinkets. Not all manufacturers are represented, and the ones that do could use some… sparkle. I do like the worn/used look on some of them, but a shiny, bold Torgue logo/icon is something I would absolutely purchase. I mean, this goes for all manufacturers.

On topic, I think everything in the game should be available for purchase up to and including fully-leveled character saves with all cosmetics unlocked and some gear set (meta, non-meta, that’s marketing’s job).

Do you like paying for something that is broken and then paying a second time to have it fixed?

People these days are stupid. There’s no nice way of saying it. Anyone who is dumb enough to pay for a broken game, and then pay even more just to fund the production of patches and hotfixes to fix the broken game they already paid for deserves to be bankrupt. If you were around 40 years ago the Yugo would still be in production.

If you’re willing to pay for half-assed then you deserve to get half-assed.

You want to IMPROVE the Borderlands franchise? Stop giving Randy Pitchfork money until he can produce a game that isn’t a broken mess. Let him go a few months with zero income flowing in and I’ll guarantee you he would be very motivated to make sure everything he produced from that point on would be as polished as possible.

Instead, you’re doing the same thing as Fallout 76 subscribers. You’re buying a polished turd and are happy about it.

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Theres only like 3 good moze heads, they’ve been really been doing bad with hers. If the good ones are paid Microtransactions then so be it, at least I’ll be able to see it before I buy it.

My Moze character could be naked & I wouldn’t even know it once the game starts. I didn’t vote but my answer would be no; never cared for cosmetics & don’t like throwing money away.

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Oh yes please more cosmetics! Not enough of that stuff, both for character and vehicles! Please!
Very important what trinket is dangling on the weapon that of course has super cool custom skin!

See, this is what make “microtransaction” give a bad name. It’s not evil, it’s just that a lot of companies tend to pray upon their consumers with in-game currencies and turn it into a glorified slot machine based of chance of luck.

Headhunter packs and skin packs in BL2 is by every definition a “microtransaction” $1.99/$4.99 one-time, what you see is what you get. Headhunter packs is actually brilliant imo, for a small price you get a 20 min mission and a new area to return to and farm.

Fallout 76 in this case, not only sell you ■■■■ that has 0 sentimental value, it’s also ■■■■ that modders have created for them in prior titles(cpt cosmo power armor, is a $18 fan made armor just as an example and directly pulled from FO4)

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Cool down dude, I’m in the same boat as you. I haven’t even bought the season pass and I am just as bitter about borderlands 3 as you are. I stopped playing it a few months ago because it’s so damn boring and I could write an essay on the amount of problems the game had.

I just assumed the team doesn’t have enough funds and I was offering a suggestion that could improve this game with the money of people that don’t care about their money.

You should definitely play the DLCs so you know what we’ve paid money so far for lol

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Like all other live service games, you wouldn’t see any improvements or additional content.

Just greed.


Gaming people have excepted and payed for too much sh1t for way too long.
Microtransactions, eg. for cosmetics is a marketing strategy born for f2p and gacha games.
Cosmetics in a full price games have to be unlockables and nothing else.