Would you like some Flippers?

I have a few spares:

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Dang … no SNTNL Cryo. FML

Hello Looks awesome. Would share anything else except ASA? I play moze. Thanks shifr id: wolf_alice

Nice drops man. If you happen to find a M10 50/150; I’d like one!

Updated original post with new finds and sent friend requests.

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Wow. Excellent! Would you share 50/150 one? I accept friend request. Thank you in advance

Oh man, the consecutive hits one would be awesome.

shift ID: eve72shy
or Skimmer

Some of you haven’t responded to my friend invites. I’ll wait another couple days and then just sell off the rest of my stock.

Added you on PC, I’d like that Compressing Flipper with Consecutive hits if you still have it

Sent it to you!

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Sweeet, thank you!

I’d love to get the Cryo Gamma Burst one if it’s still available.

Epic: Arthicrex

Friend invite sent.

Hmm, I don’t see the invite.

Ohh, I’m not on Epic. You have to check the in-game SHiFT menu.

Thank you!

Just got a SNTNL Cryo Flipper, do you still need one?


I scored a shock - fire Flipper with SNTNL Cryo the other day, however, if it is a different element, I would be thrilled to get my hands on a new one. Thank you so much.

235% Cryo efficiency, with Corrosive on M10 and While SNTL is active gain 100% of damage as bonus Cryo damage. I don’t play Zane but hopefully this is a good roll. I’ll add you on SHiFT and send it over.

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You Rock!!!