Would You like to see Maliwan Takedown made more Solo-able?

I’ve already seen many comments saying that Maliwan Takedown is simply not fun trying to beat solo with it’s extreme difficulty. There was concern for weeks about whether the difficulty would cause it to exclude solo players simply because of their preference to play alone.

Note that I am not saying it should be made easy. There still needs to be a challenge.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see Gearbox make the difficulty scale with the number of players so it’s a bit more feasible to solo (without exploits or very specific loadouts and builds)? Or would some other adjustment help?

“This is just Borderlands 3’s first Takedown, so expect more uber-difficult content to come in the future.” -Borderlands 3 website, bottom of the Maliwan Takedown page


I think it’s fine, the difficulty is a part of the fun imo. So far I’ve found a lot of enjoyment in fighting Wotan over and over learning new things about him and getting to a new phase, the fight can be kinda hellish but that’s clearly the point.

You just don’t have a boss that can spawn 10+ Arbalests and then scale the difficulty down, it makes no sense.


You’ve been beating it solo then? Got any tips?

No I haven’t, been tryna get a 4 man team together but so far have only run duo’s, the point is it shouldn’t be easily soloable, raid bosses have never been easily soloable in Borderlands. Gearbox shouldn’t dumb down the experience just because some people want spoonfeeding. People have already melted Wotan on M4, so what if it requires specific gear, that’s the point.

I can reach Wotan solo with my tediore Zane on normal TVHM, but then he eats my ass.


There probly a lot that can solo it allready with op builds on moze and amara.But they wont be posting about it till they get there fill of the new stuff for fear of there build being nerfed .

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I’m not saying make it easy to beat solo, just to make it at least possible without exploits or really specific builds and loadouts. This is content that is basically gated from people who prefer to play solo simply because of their preference in playing solo. I’m not saying we should be “spoonfed” at all. Make it a challenge, of course. But don’t make it painful.


I always play solo myself most of the time (only teamed up with people for the sake of this takedown), so I fully understand your pain, I just still feel it would be dumbing down the content, and that’s only going to detract.

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Maybe. But they claim they want to make the game friendly to multiple builds, but if they make content that requires a ridiculously specific loadout, build, and gear just to make it possible, it goes directly against that.


Plus it’s really not that hard to use the online matchmaking, it’s a bit ■■■■ but it at least gets the job done.

Hm. Do you see another way to make it more feasible solo? They could maybe draw out the enemy spawns so there’s still the same amount of enemies and same difficulty, just that it isn’t as overwhelming?

No, absolutely not.

I’ve already seen it soloed twice by people on the forums, one Amara and one Zane. I’m sure it’s been done many more times than that by people who don’t care to demonstrate their gameplay.

Nerfing the raid boss people were waiting for all this time seems like a terrible idea. It would be like nerfing Terramorphous a week after launch. Allow something, for once, to be at least remotely challenging in this game.


Boss spawning 10+ arbalests is a boss spawning 10+ arbalests regardless of how long they take to spawn. I doubt that would make much difference. Feasible solo changes would be just, toning down his health and damage, it wouldn’t ruin the essence of the fight, but it’s definitely not something that needs to happen

If they really are thats probly a long ways off still till most build are viable not that u cant use them there just not as good as the meta or something close to it . and no matter one build will be on top no matter what.

I do hope they get around to making other builds as usefull .But even thin x builds will still be better to diff things.

You understand that I still want a challenge, right? I would hope I wouldn’t have to explain that. Just that I don’t want to be forced into using exploits or game breaking builds.


Yes, ot at least put a checkpoint right before him. That will be a fair trade.


What build, if it is good, isn’t game breaking?

I hear people want “challenge” but don’t explain how to get to that end-point. Realistic damage, which is one argument I’ve seen given in old threads discussing this concept, would not work for Borderlands.

People seem to both want crazy damage scaling (on their end) but not health scaling to compensate (on the enemy’s) end.

I am not trying to mischaracterize your argument, like I’ve recently been accused of, but I truly want to understand what this looks like to you.

They already said this wasn’t intended solo-content in the first place. They said you need specific builds/end game items. If you could run through this with any rando-build it wouldn’t be hard.


This is not Overwatch. A group of 4 disorganized randoms is worse than one solo player who has a plan. Making contct geared toward group play of Coordinated players eliminates 99% of the playerbase. Fortunately, this one is no solo-prohibitive, but very grindy.


Yeah running through the second half over and over again is just lame to me. That or remove the any sort of gate once we got through it once. This way we could at least run/slide our way back to the boss. As is, the “boss run” to Wotan is just way too long.

This thread needs a poll!

My answer: no. This is sort of not in my own interest, since I really only play solo, but I like that they make some content beyond my ken. I mean, we’ll see (I just got a pretty sick Carbunkle, so confidence is high). :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to see the damage of weaposn in the game to scale appropriately for TVHM like they did in BL1 and 2. I didnt like TPS enough to play it twice. I feel like we are trying to fight a raid with nerf guns. I made it to the first boss/miniboss and just didn’t have the time to put into it so I fast travelled away. I hope that they will eventually fix this. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the difficulty…i think there is a problem with the scaling over all. Giving enemies ridiculous extra percentages of health while we are using the same guns we had in normal mode just seems unbalanced.