Would you prefer to use 2 slag + fire pistols? 2 shock + fire? Or 2 slag + shock?

I hate having to open menu to change weapons in this game

If you could only use 2 pistols which would you prefer?

I generally use slag and fire, I simply cannot be bothered to use shock, but perhaps shock and fire would be better

Why only 2 when you have 4 weapon slots?

I’d pick fire, corrosive and slag.

Depends on what I’m doing and who I’m playing. Generally, I like to have a source of each element equipped at all times (including grenade mod in this, obviously). I usually use a grenade for either slagging or shield stripping (shock). At least one fire and one corrosive weapon, since there’s always a chance of one of those armoured lunatics in UVHM even if you’re only expecting bandits. And something suitably explosive in the FFYL slot.

With Maya, I run Scorn and Ruin and an Antagonist shield, so I don’t feel the need to have a slag weapon or grenade. My UVHM Gaige has IO and a heavy elemental build, so I usually carry more shock weapons with her (I find I don’t need corrosive as much with her.) Axton has dual slagging turrets, so he’s fine (although I usually carry slag grenades to cope with cooldown). Sal, I usually have slag + element, then quasars. So either slag+fire then slag+explosive, or slag+fire then slag+corrosive. Generally with Sal, though, slag+explosive handles pretty much anything armoured as it is.

I like to have a shotgun (non-elemental usually or corrosion if in robot area) and either sniper rifle (non-elemental or shock) or rocket launcher in 3rd or 4th slot

…depends on the enemies, character, and my mood. If I could only use two period (and for fun, no two characters can use the same pistol, and these are red-texted things only):

  • Axton: Thunderball Fists and Hornet (turret for slag and dat grenade damage)

  • Maya: Logan’s Gun and Fibber (Ruin for slag, pistols for Logan’s Gun for Thoughtlock decimation, Fibber (shock, shotgun barrel 2) for Chain Reaction)

  • Zer0: Rubi and Wanderlust (Rubi (slag, bladed) for things on the ground and Wanderlust (binary, corrosive) for things in the air)

  • Gaige: Little Evie and Infection (Interspersed Outburst for slag, Legendary Catalyst on deck with a build to match)

  • Sal: Grog Nozzle and DPUH (because he’s a punk)


I usually run a slag slowhand for utility, a swordsplosion/twister for a good neutral element option. Then I run two elemental weapons.

Lately I’ve just used a lot of Jacobs setups though, sooo no need to worry about elements.

But you HAVE to use the Stinkpot! No-one else wants to, and it’s getting lonely. (I do like the Greed though - not as good as some of the other unique pistols, but still fun.)

I’d have to bring a new toon up just to dash farm it. Lol

I really like the greed. The lack of scope takes getting used to, but the damage is nice.

At least there is one elemental Jacobs weapon that’s top tier WITH a neutral element to boot.

[quote=“VaultHunter101, post:7, topic:1585143”]No-one else wants to[/quote]Yeah, I seriously still don’t get this, although I get that it may very well be the weakest of the red-texted, dedicated corrosive weapons in the game. I don’t even think Zer0 can get the most out of it… sort of think Axton or Gaige might (and I can tell you that Zer0 slays with it).

Also, either the Wiki is nuts or it’s got some features I’m not aware of. Does it work like the Pandemic with spreading corrosive effects?

It’s been a while since I’ve used one but, from memory, I think the splash is a bit like the Hellfire - it has a large area, and it lingers, so any enemy entering into the AoE also starts taking corrosive DoT. It’s a Torgue barrel AR, so it lobs pure splash damage. The best use I’ve ever got out of it was against Badassaurus Rex, since there’s no reflection effect.

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[quote=“VaultHunter101, post:10, topic:1585143”]I think the splash … has a large area, and it lingers, so any enemy entering into the AoE also starts taking corrosive DoT.[/quote]Oh man, this gun just got better! I must take advantage of this in combat the next time I use it.

Note that I’m not 100% sure of the mode of action - it’s been quite a while since I tried it, and I’m not sure if I still have one on any of my characters. I do remember it being the AR equivalent of a corrosive splatgun, though.

IIRC you can’t dashboard farm the Stinkpot- I think it was said that No-Beard isn’t a repeatable encounter?

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Yes, you either get him or not. You could, I suppose, dashboard out before your progress advances and your game save is updated. I’m not sure the Stinkpot is worth such effort though.


What vault hunter 101 said.

Just fight him in the first encounter. No stinkpot means sign out and try again.

The game might save as soon as you kill nobeard though. Idk nor do I care. That gun is so trash.