Would you recommend Amara or Moze for a new playthrough?

Both characters seem to do very well against mobs, and I’ve seen Moze do well against bosses - how does Amara fair against them as well? Who would you say is more “fun” to play as, and why?

Fun is subjective.

Amara’s skills are highly bugged.

Moze has no action skill.

Do you like punching things in the face or do you like explosions?

Personally I like explosions.

A lot of people like one punch man-ing the entire game.

I quite enjoy Amara, there are multiple way to play her, melee, gun or “magic” dots
Their skills are good solo and good in multi. She has the potential to unleash tremendous damage or just be ok, and she can be quite resiliant too.

I don’t play mose yet :slight_smile:

I’ve beaten the campaign and am now on TVHM with Amara. I mostly used Phasegrasp, and rather liked the version with the fists coming out of the ground (Fist Over Matter). I also never maxed out her trees, splitting between Fist of the Elements and Mystical Assault to get the Soul Sap augment - this let me crowd control while I sprayed bullets.

I’ve only just started Moze and tbh both characters are hard to love at first, but as you put points into Moze her Iron Bear becomes easier to use and lasts longer. She’s only Lvl10 though, I will report back.

Melee is only 1/3 of Amara’s skill tree. Please stop peddling misinformation.


Playing Brawler/FoE Amara and SR/BM Moze, max to mayhem two. I will talk about the subject based on that.

Amara is really good at dealing with mobs; but most importantly against badass.
Encountered Badass heavygunner? Use Phasegrasp and punch it to the death. That easy. She’s also good at bossfights thanks to heavy elemental dots.

The problem I have is that she’s almost forced to use Maliwans as main weapons. I’ve tried to use other manufacturers as much as possible, but Malis are so good with FoE. Mystical Assault is not my cup of tea so kinda feeling restricted.

Moze is opened to pretty much every guns. The play is all about traditional fps shooting; at least in this build. I love it so far.