Would you survive the zombie apocalypse

if you think yes tell me why.

Oh and why can’t I make polls ?

I would be dead in a week BTW

Answer: No

I think starvation would get me before a zombie did. I’d end up barricading myself or something.
Long story short: no.



even based on the show, BTW I took the test and it said I would make it 3 months…

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I know I wouldnt. I depend too heavily on our every day conveniences.

I wouldn’t become victim to a zombie. I’d probably be killed by the living. Or illness. Or depression.

Then again, I am also known for not giving myself enough credit…So maybe I’m wrong.

Depends. If the people is dumb enough to not to loot supermarkets, fireweapons stores and home improving centers…a lot of time.

Well, I guess half a year or so. Well, people it isn’t that stupid. Since my brother has survival training that should be useful. Give me a chainsaw or a triple barrel shotgun and we’re ready to roll.
Ah, and a public transportation bus can be useful too, leaving it like a Technical also would be cool.

I’d be dead pretty quick. I’m big and dumb and my first raiding target would be a liquor store. I’d probably drunken fall into a mass of zombies or pick a fight with some guy with a shotgun or whatever.

I did use to live somewhere with no water or electricity 3-4 days a week so I could deal with the dirtball angle but the negatives would drag me down.

To be completely honest, I’m not really sure I’d even wanna live in a world like that. Probably rather just be a zombie.

Nobody would survive, its called an apocalypse for a reason.

I would probely survive for a decent amount of time though because I live in the middle of nowhere.
I would probely end up as a bad guy because I have trust issues normaly and an zombie apocalypse wont help that…

I am a Keyholder at the Mall I work Maintenance at. So if I survive the trip to said Mall, I would set up the ultimate base.

First thing I would do is raid Canadian Tire for all the guns and camping shiz. Then I would take all that stuff on the roof. Then I would grab a bunch of booze from the LCBO, and take it to the roof. I would also grab all the non perishable crap food from the dollar store.

And thus I will spend my days as the All-mighty Mall Lord, shooting zombies from my hillbilly camp of booze and crappy dollar store food. Then I would probably die of starvation or malnutrition.

taking quiz lol

I got the makings of a long term survivor, wooo!

Honestly a mall is probely the worst place to goto as you wont be the first or the last human that will try to raid it.
During a zombie apocalypse people will be more dangeraus then zombies.

Yeah, very true.


It’s my Mall shifty eyes I will be its Overlord!

The lake would probably be the logical option, as much as I want to be a Mall Overlord lol. Lake Huron is about an hours drive away, and home to one of the worlds largest Salt mines. If I can fish, and salt said fish, I can has food win. Plus, zombies can so screw themselves because… IM ON A BOAT!

Only chance for you to have s chance for that if…

  1. Its closed ween the apocalypse starts a d you get there first
  2. You are able to keep others out, both zombies and people, for long enough to set up a bunker
  3. You can locate a Burger King crown in the mall

Boat = no crops
No crops = death

I will die of scurvy like a boss!


Dibs on T-Rex

Well today I learnt that if you image search “Ill sink with my ship” you will not get a witty pirate picture but will instead get an asian boy band…

Having some tanks filled with gasoline, heating oil or diesel should be useful. Why bash zombies when you can burn the sh1t out of them?

Looting a filling station may be useful.

@KrewlraiN I guess Canadian Tire is something similar to Home Depot…

Because it takes time to set up and high risk of hurting yourself?

Why you would wet the zombies with gasoline near of you?
A Fire barrier or something like that…