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Alright ladies and gents I want to start a discussion here about things you just wish were a bit different in borderlands. Like have you ever said to yourself …“why doesn’t atlas make smgs and dahl make machine guns?” Or whatever. My personal daydream is that I wish torgue made revolvers. They should have made revolvers instead of snipers. They could have made the cobra a vladof and scrapped the Surkov. (Two birds with one stone for sure). Can you imagine the unbridled orgasmic glee of finding an ax 300 steel masher with sight and barrel5? Also there’s no explosive legendary revolver other than the chimera so that’s a no brainer. Please share your thoughts!

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I wish the Wildcat was at least a x2, if not a x3 pellet smg. At least in that case it could somewhat compete vs decent Anarchies. That or a hilariously stupid RoF buff, something where your magazine just vanishes.

I have more to say, especially about Vladof legendaries, but I gotta go.

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I wish legendary eridians were much more powerful considering how rare they are.

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Going off of that, I wish more standard Eridians had elemental damage. Sure, sure, we get those with Knoxx’s, but the only two vanilla Eridians that are even acceptable weapons are the Lightning(shock) and the Thunder(multiple projectiles).

If the Ball Blaster or the other repeat fire one did, say, dual shock/non-elemental damage a la Tsunami, Serpens, or Nemesis, I might get around to leveling Eridian proficiencies. Since all three of those are Knoxx weapons seems like they hadn’t had that stroke of genius yet.

I wish the Vladof Revolution was more Vladof-y than an equivalent S&S MG.
I mean, just look at these.

Top parts Revolution with damage acc.
Top parts standard S&S MG with damage acc.

Again, thanks goes to a DLC3 gun. All hail The Chopper!

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You’re incorrect about the chimera being the only explosive legendary revolver. The equalizer can also have the explosive element, although I’m pretty sure it’s the rarest element one can have on an equalizer.

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The equalizer is a legendary revolver that regenerates ammo that has no part restrictions other than the body obviously which yes indeed can spawn with a normal explosive acessory, and suffer the normal base dmg penalty. Not a legendary explosive revolver. Borderlands vernacular 101, son. No hard feelings though, we’re all here because we love this game to perhaps an unhealthy degree and enjoy the community of the like minded.

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If we’re talking like that, why not mention fire too?(not like we need more fire legendaries)
Aries covers shock, Defiler corrosive, and Chimera somewhat covers explosive, only element missing is fire. That said, Maliwan does cover the other elements solidly, revolvers are beastly.

Hair Trigger instead of Loaded on the Gunslinger COM, sad about it.

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Bill, I wish the wildcat was just about anything other than what it is. (A travesty) wildcats are literally .25% of a mediocre anarchy. I always thought It would be cool if there was a weapon that had a built-in kill skill so to speak, increasing it’s fire rate perhaps after a kill for the duration of a mag. This would have been a good choice.

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Indeed. Good combustion vipers are about as close as there is. Also why is there TWO legendary fixed spread explosive assault shotguns and no fire assault shotguns? Baffling

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We’re almost overlapping with a bugfix wishlist thread, but I think fire assault shotties are bugged out of existence.

Wish the Troll didn’t suuuuuuuuuuuck at what it does. By the time you’re going to be finding Atlas Legendaries(rare if not rarest manufacturer) most any character will have much better ways to heal up anyway.

I wish that unaware sniping targets wouldn’t jump to attention the instant you pull the trigger.

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I do love me a good 2 shot fire matador tho…although I’ve found that with lilith it’s better to just have a good zpr15 matador with the fastest reload you can find (dahl urban ftw!!) And let phoenix burn everything…Also Intuition Is The Most underrated skill in history. I can’t put 9 points in that fast enough

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I have 50 prof in eridians and a perfect “660” com, a fireball and a mega cannon and tried every other one you normally find and I gave them an absolutely fair chance and…they suck. End of story lol. Also wtf is with that movement speed penalty? Really? And the scopes are a joke

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i no preach this

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The most advanced race in the known universe and my vladof rusty sniper craps all over their junk weapons they left everywhere lol