Wouldn’t it be lovely to have two lockers?

Is it just me or is having one mega-locker a horrible headache to people, like me, who need as many organizational tools as possible?

I mean, even if there could be sub-lockers to divide guns, shields, relics, etc. And sub-sub-lockers to divide SMGs from pistols, melee gear from gun gear…:drooling_face:

But how on earth is a guy supposed to keep character-specific gear apart from the others’?
Now I only have two characters and I’m not as much of a collector as some, but I’m loathe to deposit stuff just in case I feel like a quick respec.

Now if each character could have their own locker and also have a cavernous shared locker, that’d be tite.

Don’t get me wrong, the sharing improvement over BL2 is a huge boon (You guys could still increase Clap’s storage, hint hint), but QoL improvements could be improved.

I’m sure this has come up before so apologies if this is well trodden territory.


one of the things i am excited for in the level cap increase is a fresh start gear hoarding and a reason to clean my storage accounts. from now on will make it more easier to manage.


We need customizable tabs in bank. I would like to have separate tab for each VH.
Also better sorting, get rid of the useless score attribute. When sorting by type you can select one specific etc.


This is a really nice idea. I always collect and fill up my 300ish slot bank. Level caps are nice cause I get to sell everything and buy more slots, but when those slots are full finding stuff can be a pain.

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I even thought it would be neat to tag individual bits of gear.

Say (for BL2) my corrosive Norfleet I would tag it with “corrosive”, “RL”, “Ninja”, “Peak”.

That way I could type in one of those search criteria - “Peak”, for example - and it would give me all my Peak gear.

Obviously this is impractical for console.

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Keyboard entries make this quick and painless. That’s all.

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Honestly, I’m onboard with a more PC centric UI, which ought to exist anyways. A searchable text database would make more sense in my view than this mess of tab UI.


Yep. I’d love on for character specific gear and one for all VH gear.