Wouldn't be cool to have Targeting Reticles around enemies (like Fl4k Fade away ) for Iron bear?

Was thinking about that last night.

Nothing that changes gameplay , I just thought it was a cool visual effect that in Fade Away with Fl4k enemies get this red aiming reticle on them. Makes them so much easier to find quickly due to the short duration of that action skill.

Same with IB. Sometimes as your health is going down I frantically have to look at my mini map to see where the next closest enemy is so I can quickly refill my armor, but it would be so cool if all enemies on screen can have a red or blue reticle on them or some kind of marker. Makes you feel like you’re more in a mech

Just a random thought sorry


Added emersion I’ll take, though im not sure i want the lighting effects with weapons like queenscall that come with that ability

Yeah no just the reticles. For emersion, help for finding enemies behind all the screen clutter , etc

No other changes at all

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I really like this idea, I use the guided missiles to compensate, but this is better.
And like you say, we’re in a mech!
One that finds these enemies when we jump out of it, but doesn’t spot them when we’re in it.

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Don’t you apologize about a great idea like this!

I agree! In fact, I first envisioned myself being in Iron Bear would remind more of a high-grade/low-tech tank; a Borderlands style mech of destruction.

And Gbx gets a lot right, like the hydraulic sounds, the beeping and the sound of hollow metal banging when you take a hit inside.

Anyway, a reticle would be awesome and I also thought that some kind of minor night vision upgrade or target overlay option would be a cool feature to have for Moze, even if it cost a skill point to take. Maybe it would let you see target names even when your dotted up by 3 elements and have CoV repeatedly slamming you with rockets! Haha, maybe they could add a skill point called windshield wipers!:rofl:

Would also be cool if we had different ways to deploy Iron Bear.

Like an airdrop slam would be cool or even just being able to detour the entrance/exit animation by digi-structing Bear at a target location would be cool.

So much potential. Maybe they’ll add more stuff someday!