Would'nt this simple change fix her?

Why not just change her aoe field field to be a drop like the others instead of always staying on her?

So she has to lay down the field and stay in it to get all her buffs, like how thorn has to stay in her circle for here arrows to be cursed and Toby has to plant his shield and stay behind it?

This would force her to actually be a Defender as described and no longer able to go on the offensive. She could still annihilate everyone but only within that circle.

What do you think?

Sounds good to me.

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But the corruption isn’t a skill it’s a passive. So for this to work she would need to lose one of her current skills, which isn’t going to happen

They kinda need to because she almost completely breaks PvP. Either trade out one of her current skills (id suggest ditching shield throw) or make it a helix power for her right trigger skill instead.

Either way changing it from sustained aoe to a drop would properly balance her, I think. Male her hold a position instead of just running straight into the enemies.

Galilea is not that bad anymore. They nerfed her, and she is actually quite manageable with the right character. I play a thorn, and by late game I can 1v1 a Galilea and usually come out victorious. Some characters should stay away from her at all costs, but she is not the god beast she was before. She may need a small adjustment here or there, but nothing huge like major skill changes. And this is competing from someone that cursed her existence before the nerf

I don’t think it would be an issue with her being overpowered while in her desecration zone, but I think she should not have as much power outside of it. The shield should stun inside the zone. Outside, have it slow and silence. Have all her toys in the zone, but just have her be a competent defender outside of it. I think people wouldn’t mind that. That being said, I think her desecrate zone should be a black fire, and have an effect of black flame around the peripheral of the characters when they are in it. Make it known that you are about to get hurt if you don’t leave, as is, I think it’s not as noticeable as it should be.

They could possibly make it an ult that stays in a large area (like the middle of the sentry area), and have it last indefinitely until she recasts her ult or dies. However, it stays in one place, and doesn’t move around, hence the extra large area.

Her helix could also add to her desecrate while upgrading other abilities as well. Like you’re building your own death zone, customized just for you. Last, for the ult upgrade, I think doubling its radius or having follow at tenth speed would be good options.

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That’s sounds even better for me. Get close, silence and slow you down ? Then pull you in and slow you even more. Oh boy that would be great. Lol that’s better than the stun actually. Wouldn’t mind that.