Wow campain selection is irritating as hell (Story, Public)

Every now and then I get the urge to jump into a campaign match, looking forward to trying some other stuff out.

But then I end up ON THE SAME FREAKING MAP. Every Single Time. So I get stuck spending 30 min either doing the same freaking thing OR exiting and waiting…

Someone should be able to play a public Story match without the ridiculous inability to have more options to do a map that’s in their interest of time. I don’t have endless hours to play the same campaign map 5 times before seeing something new.

Maybe this is unique, but yeah. Every freaking attempt to play campaign is the same stupid map. EVERY TIME!


I have no idea why you cannot queue for specific missions.

You can for the FINAL one (The Heliophage) AFTER you unlock it be completing all the other missions, but that’s it… for some reason.

Too many of the missions are REALLY obnoxious “guard the point” and “escort” bullsh*t, and I DESPISE doing them. There are so many of them that what with the random 3 map choices, you quite often ONLY have a choice between those maps ffs… T_T

I fully agree with y’all. They should totally put in a way to que up for the one you want

I even think selecting 3 to queue up with. But the player should be able to guide that decision a bit more so they’re not stuck doing the same one over and over and can have more variety. Also - are solo campaigns even possible? I don’t usually play with friends on Steam for a private match, which is why I prefer the public missions, and would still prefer to play with other regardless - but I am curious if you can go at those solo.

I was just about to make a new thread about this. I’m glad they added the option to que specifically for Advanced Mode which was a good move. But then getting the choice of 4 random maps and then having it vote a map you don’t want to do because you’re not in the mood, or you’ve already got gold or silver on the specific mission or already played it twice in a row etc…

I’ve ended up having to do a map that I didn’t really want to do just because I leave and then I’m punished with waiting. I finally got some people to vote for last map and died and so thought I’d go again and then that map didn’t come up in the selection and then 2 people left and one person was afk in the map we ended up on…

This game needs to let you que for a specific mission otherwise I’m just going to give up on trying to get golds on each level. Also I’m writing this while I’m putting up with my punishment for leaving that game 2 people left and another person was afk. Good job Gearbox.