Wow, draft battles are great

So far Ive had so many more even, hard fought games. Gal and Ghalt banned quite a bit which I usually try to ban. Kelvin and Boldur getting banned too. It is also a real pleasure that there are no duplicate BB on the field. No more wondering "is that a happy bubble, or a sad bubble? Love it!

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I’m just gonna ban ambra lol, but there will still be mirror matches, which I love, also surprised to hear ghalt is commonly banned

Right? Kelvin boldur and gali I get but ghalt? Couldn’t you just counter pick with a shaurox?

Though I am very excited to try this mode it sounds pretty sweet. Anybody know how gear is being handled?

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Who is banning Kelvin? Who even plays Kelvin other than me? I didn’t know he was such a problem. I don’t hear too many cries for a Kelvin nerf.

I don’t want him nerfed, but a good one is irritating. Except for backline main me (that also includes YOUR backline), so I mainly just hear cursing over mic and know he’s vulnerable. So
Usually an easy kill for me
Usually kills he kills two as he goes down and the entire rest of my team despises his guts
Anecdotally things aren’t looking up

Stun setups.

The characters people choose to ban are so random and weird sometimes. Reyna. Why ban Reyna. And Oscar Mike. I saw a team ban OM lol. I try to always ban Ernest and Benedict, preferably both


ban ernest even after his 20% damage reduction?

Not for me anyways.

I understand that most of the people that play this game, don’t actually know how to play the game. Now, it’s even worse. The game adds another layer of complexity that most of the players who don’t already know how to play the game won’t understand.

How hard is it to ban Ernest on Escelon? Very, apparently.

What’s that? You have an oppertunity to counter-pick a shields heavy team? Best we hurry up and select another assassin and let them take Kleese!

Tthey have a Kelvin with a pocket Miko. No biggie, we’ll just take Rath and not Beatrix.

Your team has no front line to compete with the opposing team’s and only one pick left. Survey says: “I don’t play tanks.” Selects Oscar Mike.

Genuinely thinking about uninstalling.

So you to want to uninstall because other players make poor ban decisions?..

there are other non draft modes for you to play, yeah?

EDIT - or is it instead that you like the draft mode but don’t like the players in the draft mode?

Three games in a row people were banning Rath…RATH???

Might as well because unless you were playing on Xbox, it’s not gonna change.

I think you nailed it and am looking forward to their reply.
I would wager that they like the mode but are getting teamed up with, what some may dub, casuals. if so, that will end in the next week or two max.

I don’t think he/she should quit either way. It would be more beneficial to communicate and educate. That’s how friends are made afterall :grin:

Lol I remember back when that probably would have been my choice as well but we were all new then. :laughing:

…We’ll never get that lore done :dukeangry:

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