Wow I just found out this has field of view lol

I’m on the PS4, I accidently hit the wrong button while trying to farm (save/quit) and I end up in the options menu. And low and behold theres a field of view slider lol!

So…which is the sweet spot? Right now I’m on max field of view on my 42 inch TV and…it does look kinda weird (I’m probably just not used to it lol.) I don’t know is it just personal choice or is there a good FoV number?

I also go max but its just personal preference. The slider was in one of the recent patches.

To me the more you see the better.

Yeah that’s how it normally is on multiplayer shooters so I guess I have to get used to it lol. It’s just weird seeing a FoV slider on a console game, I know they have it on the PC but wasn’t expecting console lol.

I’m glad The Handsome Collection got it. Low FOV messes with my awareness of whats going on.

I wasn’t expecting much when I tested it but…after testing it from 70 to 110, I couldn’t go back lol. 70 was just soooo low >.<

Also does it seem faster? I think it seems faster after setting the FoV on max lol. (Maybe my mind is messing with me…)

…and after playing with an adjusted fov, try going back and playing on the ps3…ouch, bad idea (yikes)


Lowering FOV is like going telephoto. Movement into the display will appear slower. (Ever see a car race from an extreme telephoto camera? The cars appear to be coming at you in slo-mo.) Increasing FOV is going wider-angle, which increases the sense of speed into the display. Having more to render can also cause more performance issues, which is the one downside of a wider-angle view.

I have mine set at 90, which I think looks natural from 2 ft or so away from a 23" 16:9 screen.

I find Max FOV looks way to fish eye for my tastes. With models looking super fat on the edges of the screen. I keep mine about 90-95. 40" TV 3-8 feet away depending on my mood and who is home.

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Mine’s at 110 with a 24" screen sitting about 2 or 3 feet away.
I wear glasses though…bi-focals too! :laughing:

96 for me. I find the gun model looks way too big if the fov is maxed.
60" tv 4’ away.

After a while it did start looking kinda fishy lol. I was farming and near the edges made them look alot closer then they really are. I’m trying to figure out which is a good FoV for me, it’s annoying 42 inch tv is so weird to adjust. Right now I have it at 94 cause I can’t go to 95 for some reason…(It seems good, gonna need to play with it some more.)

For most natural, work out the triangle, where 2 points are at the edges of the screen, and the third point is the location of your face. The angle at your point (in this triangle) is the natural FOV (horizontally). The closer you sit to the screen, the wider this angle will be.