Wow new war zone update is great!

I just noticed there was a major war zone update. 4.36! It is great for realistic tank combat. I am curious how that was achieved, was it basically just decreasing the health of each individual tank? Because now tank battles are more intense and anti tank shells seem to do more damage.

Here is the link to this realistic MOD:

Yeah that reminds me I need to start another mod thread for this forum.

Someone got in touch with me, I think you gave him my email actually. He wanted a way to customize the damage for the anti-tank weapons. Scaling the damage was easy for most weapons (bazooka, 88, etc) but the tank shell damage was difficult.

A tank has 4-6 health in this game. Gearbox hard-coded tank shells to do only 1 damage any location, vs 1-3 damage for the other weapons based on hit location (front, rear, etc.) So they did the least amount of damage and the scaling wasn’t working either.

So while fixing that I noticed that tank shells are still not doing enough damage, and it’s because they do no damage in direct hits to the front or rear.

I don’t know why Gearbox used such different code for tank shells and why it seems to be broken. But anyway, it’s fixed, so take care of your tanks and use tactics to do the most damage!

To get this fix use the RealTankShells or one of the CustomWeapons mutators.

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Yeah it’s really great. I have been working on a mod and would like to somehow separate your real tank shells mod into its own U. file. I’m guessing I can just extend the gbx weapons and create a new package and separate the real tank shells code from te script?

You might have a tough time with that, plus it might disable the HollywoodFX mutator if you did manage to separate it out.

If you want to make sure a mutator gets loaded, then in the map’s script add this:
Notice the name has two parts; the first part is the .u package name.

You can find the full names for my other mutators in the mjc*.int files.

Of course this means that to play your maps, the player will have to have my mod installed.

Thanks! Also, I think their might be a glitch someone in the latest version. I was trying to find a work around thinking that it might be from the realtankshells. But basically when we go into situational awareness view, I notice that the health meter for the player is missing.

Ok so the glitch seems to only be with rth30… in situational awareness view it doesn’t show the players heath status.

Good one; yes, you found another bug. Thanks :smile: It’s in a lot of the mutators; I will have to track it down.

Eib is fine, but something seems up with the rth30 bazooka and panzerfaust damage against tanks with real tank shells. Is there no way to make both tank shells and bazooka/panzerfaust shells take out a tank with only two hits. ??

And oddly it varies, like on alternate route mission, it damage does as it should, but if you have to restart at last checkpoint it’s as if the damage settings against tanks are different. I don’t know… Weird.

RealTankShells changes the damage model for shells to match bazookas, and increases shell damage as a side effect. That is, hits to the front do the least damage (1.0 or 2.0) but hits to the rear do the most (3.0 or 4.0). For a tank with 5.0 health, it will take 3-5 front hits or 2 direct rear hits to die. You still need to use AntiTank_DamageScale to increase beyond this.

Increase the AntiTank_DamageScale to like 5.0 or above in CustomWeapons (or jmoneyWeapons) to get 1-shot kills from any direction. If you only wanted it to do 1-shot kill from the rear only, I would set the scale to 1.5 or 2.0.

You could set the scale to 100.0 just to be sure and test out the checkpoint problem again.

By the way AntiTank_DamageScale is a new setting in v4.36 so if you are using an old .ini file or something that could be your problem.

Thanks that really helps. What if I set antitank scale to default “1.0” and just increase tank shell damage to like 3000. That should make tank shells take out tanks around two hits also now right?

There are two different settings: one for damage to infantry and one for damage to tanks. I think I put some comments in the .ini file explaining it, but maybe I forgot.

The tank shell damage setting is only for infantry. There are also Panzerfaust damage and bazooka damage settings, and they are also just for infantry.

Only AntiTank_DamageScale does anything to affect damage to tanks, and it scales all anti-tank weapons together, so they all do the same damage against tanks.

I know it’s a bit confusing but Gearbox coded it a certain way, so this was the best way to implement the Mutator.

Wow ok well that really helps! It’s all good!

The 1.5 setting works best. On Alternate route, one tank encounter had the Sherman get off two tounds on the front of a stug. But the sttug got one round to the front of the Sherman which instantly destroyed it. That’s the kind of realism we needed!

Jeez with that kind of outcome going on I with there was a way to have tanks able to shoot while they movie (without telling them to assault I mean)

True. I guess that kind of tank AI wasn’t developed. So when they are in battle we will be directing their movement. And then can shoot as we direct them so…

It’s always the issue I’ve had with the tank battles. Seeing them sit and pretty much stare down each other as they shoot back and forth. Sometimes missing shots laughably from just a dozen feet away from each other. All for the sake of adding tension to the combat. A lot of this fault is to map design and I can’t be too mad about it really because of the limitations at the time but… Damnit Hell’s Highway had a chance and it didn’t do anything about it.

Yeah that’s true. Who knows maybe we can figure out how to edit tank AI a bit.

I agree, the tank battles resorted to just parking in front of each other and lobbing shells back and forth. Hopefully with this mutator, since the shells do more damage, especially from the rear, there is actually a reason to maneuver carefully.

Try this: set up an ambush by positioning your tank and then using your infantry to draw the tank into your line of fire, exposing its flank or rear. I can see tactics like this becoming much more rewarding now that a single rear hit can destroy the target.

I’ll look into improving the tank accuracy at some point.

This game is a decade old, and the mod has been out 7 years or so, yet you guys are still coming up with ideas…

It’s easy to wish and think of ideas like this to implement new mechanics into old games. But that is the great thing about the older Unreal Engine games since they are so easily moddable. The only limitation is the coding itself.

Hey there!
Not sure if this is the correct place, though…But, I have a request:
Is it possible to add some sway to the weapons…You know, like the sway of the “Real Sight” mutator, but when the weapon is not aimed down the sights
I think this will improve the realistic feeling to the game.