Wow, Nisha is mega-OP

I only have 4 classes left between BL2 and TPS, so I’m working on my loot mule Nisha who was lv. 20. I’m about to finish normal mode, and she just dismantled Arcade Fire (RK5) in about 2 seconds. Do I dare say that she’s more OP than Claptrap? Either way she is pretty freakin’ sweet!

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you got that right!


So broke. So fun. So badass.

I love that crazy lawbringer.

Just wish I could use her in BL2. In fact I wish I could use all BLTPS characters in BL2.

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Farmed sentinel to get to 30. In the process he dropped me a purple shock Vengeful TMP, and I also got my hands on a NE Anarchist. He does not like Nisha with a pair of Vladof pistols.

I was playin BL2 with my friend the other night and was saying the same thing. Well, for me at least, if I had Clappy, Aurelia and cryo guns I’d be happy.