Wow...our new home

New forum huh?
Not too shabby…I am however completely clueless as to how this type of forum works lol.
I do like the background wallpapers tho.

Guess this is one of the first BL2 topics.
If you’re still playing BL2 or you’ve come back home after TPS leave a comment or +1.
Let’s see how many of us are still out there.

Good Hunting!


I still periodically play. I’m trying to get through the OP levels, finally.

Nothing beats playing a little Zer0 and Maya every now and then.

I still love running through Digistruct Peak with Maya. If the Holodome is meh I’ll be in the Peak again Tuesday night.

Still like running the loot midgets from time to time to see if I can get a new legendary out of them.

Would be doing something like this in TPS if it actually had any nice loot sources to farm.

xmngr here.

Hey, never seen a forum like this heheh. The reply even has its own preview.

Still playing BL2. I’ll play TPS when it’s more “complete” (all DLC’s and stuff).

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I stll play bl2 splitscreen occasionally.

Gonna have to get used to the new forums.

I’ve been playing a lot of TPS here lately, but I have feeling I’ll be coming back to BL 2 after I’ve finished the former. Those loot midgets aren’t going to kill themselves after all. :wink:

Hi there guys,new to this forum,but no stranger to the games. Glad l came across this site. My favorite character is Sal. I play on PS3 and PSVita

Yeah, I’m wondering how I would put in a Youtube Video. Would I just paste the URL or paste the whole (iFrame ) HTML ??

Just copy/paste the url. Thats all you need to do :smile_cat:

ok, thanks Kitty

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I was going to start posting over at the other forum but saw the thread that said everything is moving over here. So I thought I would get set up here.

I have 400 hours on it, but that’s primarily on Gaige and some on Zero. I do enjoy the Pre-Sequel, mainly because I only play it periodically, unlikely BL2 which I played long sessions of, so I’m excited to do either. The only criticism I have is that I’ve played through the story a large number of times even on only a few characters. I still need to hit OP 8 on Gaige as well.

I’m loving the new forum already, way better. I really like the way you can highlight text to reply with, and simply drag and drop items in and links. I’m really excited to see see B2 and TPS coming to PS4, and I’m gonna start from scratch. But Battleborn is looking sweet ass so will defo be getting deep into that.

Acually decided to read the News section for once.

Borderlands2_Player, reporting in. You guys might know me from the old forums. I’m that idiot that needs help with literally everything.

I still play this game extensively. I think it’s surpassed TF2 as my most played game of all time.

Eventually, when I get to OP8, we’ll do some raids @xmngr. XD


Longtime BL fan and lurker of old forum. Came to check out new site back when it was announced. Seems pretty cool so far. I have even broke my lurker status and actually posted replies. I play Gaige (OP4 ) and Zero (63) on PS3 split-screen with hubby. Hi everyone :slight_smile:

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Glad you decided to join! That said, I am quite the fan of your user name here. Creative!

Thanks! Mord is the man!!!

He is and will probably always be my favorite BL character. I have played BL1 so many times and I have never played anyone but Mordecai. I have started new games with the intention of trying a different toon but just miss Mord and Bloodwing… My sons make fun of me for it. As I stated earlier I play Gaige and Zero in BL2 and Nisha in TPS. I’m about to start a new game as the Baroness and hubby as Timothy.

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