Wow people love to complain

so many forums and replies (usually by the same people) complaining about stupid things. Matchmaking is horrid yes, it will be fixed when more players are in the pool, deal with it.
No, this game isnt overwatch, stop comparing them but because they are hero shooters.
“this sucks this sucks that sucks this sucks” constructive feedback is great for devs… this isn’t. If you have a complaint then at least have the intelligence to write it up in a way that is constructive.

Personally i love the game and am enjoying it, some things need changing here and there but it hasn’t been out a week yet calm down.

One comment i should make is a little name somewhere up the top when someone is talking on voice, just so you know who’s talking.


Welcome to a game forum.

This post offends and triggers me and I will now proceed to complain about it


…nailed it

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so complaining about complainers… i guess everyone has a weakness, am i right? video games are a business. when you market, advertise, pitch, promote a game to the consumer, you are essentially asking them to enter into a relationship with you. it is sort of a business relationship. it is the same way with any business. if you go to mcdonalds and you order one thing and they give you another, you have every right to go into the store and tell them to correct the mistake. you have not only bought the product, but you have quite literally bought your right to an opinion about the product. if you dont like capitalism, im sure you could move to plenty of places that are still under dictatorships.

it is all about expectations. if a certain expectation is set, and then that expectation is not met due to changes, or lack of changes that were not in the original expectation, an immediate, strong disconnect and dissatisfaction is sure to ensue. the game changed from the test to the beta, then from the beta to the full game. granted that is completely normal, but you have to understand that in this case there was a set of new expectations that were given that have not been met with ample time being there to meet them. when was the test, like october or something? i dont remember. it was at least 6 months ago. how long does it take fix matchmaking to support premades vs premades on all US and highly populated servers? im not an IT wizz, but i definitely have experience in competitive gaming. Bungie ruined their matchmaking overnight in destiny.


To be fair, less than 5% of the player base has probably ever made it to these forums. There are some very legit issues but every complaint about content is complete bs imo.

But alot of the things here like matchmaking they’ve talked about. You make it Premade v Premade and what are the restrictions? 5v5? The wait time for two full 5 premades would be urgh. I agree matchmaking kinda sucks right now but it needs time for people to GET ranks ect ect. Also you can get to command rank 20+ without stepping foot into a PvP match which would mean matching only 20-30 people together would still be unbalanced in some regard.

Its not that the game dosnt have issues its just complaining for the sake of it just makes anyone looking at the forums go "hmm maybe i wont buy this game"
But again, its all about making your complaints in a respectful way. Thats the biggest thing here.


Totally agree, people who complain less than a week after launch about issues that takes ages to resolve makes me gringe. The complaints are often legit, but they’re assuming there is some sort of “Fix { Insert issue here }” button in the engine for every issue or something. Honestly, is there any real artwork where there is an easy fix for everything?

You should have seen the destiny forums when it came out. Oh my god the division forum is the worst ever.

I’m not sure why i go on the forums because it always negative and can easily put you off the the game.

I have learned that no one goes out of their way to post good stuff, just playing it then you have those who believe they have wasted their money and you have trolls who are crazy.

I’d like to remind everyone about the flag system. If people are breaking the rules, let us know.

On the other hand, feedback is good, whether positive or negative, as long as it’s polite and constructive. Opinions will always vary. People are naturally more likely to voice their opinion if they are upset or frustrated.

This forum is a great community, sure we get the odd hater, but that’s to be expected, because some people seem to act like they think they’re on the internet here.


The thing with that would be, that there’s absolutely no regulatory means to address an outright negative perspective. I mean, people are entitled to their opinions.

From my point of view, every minute a hater wastes on creating yet another thread here in the forums is a minute he can’t actually play the game. And I’m fine with that :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, there’s certainly some irony to be found in the original post, although I agree with the sentiment.

matchmaking people based on skill is the hard part. i am more than patient with them about that. it takes time to even develop statistics to match people based on. that is not my issue whatsoever. my issue is in the premade v randoms problem. and anyone who says it doesnt happen over night simply wasnt around 6 months ago when we had the test. the same complaint was all over the place, and nothing was done about it over the delayed release time.

matching people based on skill is difficult. but matching people based on amount of players on the team prior to queue is simple. just by eliminating that crap you solve well over half the problem. in an objective game like battleborn, communication and coordination even trumps flat out skill. premade teams are able to beat scattered randoms that have considerably more skill than them, simply because matchmaking is allowing them to

The amount of people in a team is as much a representation of overall skill as playerlevel (not much of a representation). Most teams are non-competitive (meaning, just a bunch of gamers who like to chat during a game). Making teams face other teams without taking skill into account would just shift the problem, not solve it. It might even deter more casual players from playing this multiplayer game in groups, because they get slaughtered by more competitive groups, effectively making the problem worse.

That would be an interesting idea, basing the ELO system on the average skill level of those playing. Yeah, it wouldn’t be 100% accurate, but that could help with the issue of solo vs group, at least having the other solos or groups having the same relative skill level. I do feel, however, that if you really want to be competitive, that private game creation and communication between the opposing teams in question has to be a thing, with organized tournament charts, and all that tournament jazz that goes with it.

i disagree in so many ways. communication is everything in this game. communicating and coordinating when the other team is not, makes up for a multitude of skill gap. are the groups a bunch of mlg players? of course not. an mlg player would never pub stomp like that, they would be in pvt matches because they arent garbage. teams need to face teams. then there is a level playing field. if you get smoked by a better premade, then perhaps you should be playing solo to get better at the game individually. learn to get better at 1v1 encounters, then you wont need a premade. i run into premades all the time. in the early part of the game i catch one of them by themselves and they get shiit on, right up until the point when they have a callout and 3 come running that otherwise would not have all been aware. in a normal solo queue game, you might have that one guy who is aware of his map and comes to help out, but a premade’s reaction to a low or separated player is beyond compare.

There should be an option to filter out groups and mic users, that would fix some issues. At least you’ll know that everyone would be solos.

I don’t know in what parties you play in, but most of the parties I am in the communication is more like this: “■■■■, Rath is on me, guys pls, fk… Rath is at… at… idk… fk… right… fk… fk… Miko, heal me you idiot! Great. I’m dead… Where were you guys??” and that is if a player feels particularly infested. Otherwise it’s like “so I have a bunch of new gear which is pretty good… Oh wait up, gotta concentrate… Oh I’m dead… Anyway, I got this awesome item that regens health while sprinting… Oh now you’re dead to the same guy LOL… Well yeah, got that gear from the co-op. We should play that sometime.”

And this party will be mixed in with the party that goes “I’ll go Hallway first… Montana, check right side then circle to left. Rath, go kill that idiot overextending. Weren’t these guys in a party together? Lol, their Miko didn’t even try to heal haha… They’re probably talking about gear or something xD… Guys: Lets set up the hammer and anvil position, lets roast these noobs”

It will only shift the problem, where party one will stop playing together or transfer to another game because they get matched up unfairly and too often against the more competitive (no one said MLG, pls) players like those in the second party.

I think the party indicator in the starting screen embeds way too much fear in the solo players. Imagining an unbeatable scenario where the partied players are highly organized and versed in multiple tactics, while in reality most parties are just talking about their day at work or bragging about this awesome kill. Maybe someone will shout something like “we need to push now”… more often than not at wrong time…

then yes, the parties you have been in are a lot different than the ones i have been in. you sound like you and your friends are not very competitive guys. if you expect me to accept that some parties are not competitive, then i think its fair for me to expect you to accept that many are. here is the last game i just played in. my gt is HellaAverage here:

this was me against a full premade with galilea on their team. i led the entire lobby in basically every category: kills, kd, second in minions to someone that clearly farmed shards and minions the whole game, which is fine, and 3rd in shards. i was also first in buildables, etc. A couple of my teammates here were good players. definitely better than the team we played against. this match ended in a surrender. we lost because you can’t coordinate a push or strategize composition and lane placement. they out objective played us because theyre coordinated. individually, at least 3 of us were better than their entire team. look at their ghault, look at their phoebe for crying out loud, look at their orendi. the marquis just got some clean up kills from safety of the back of the map, so that’s whatever. their gali only went 8 and 3 with a full team against randoms, so she is average on a good day. but we got smoked. and these guys werent great objective players or they would have won by way more, way faster, and leveled so quickly that we would not have been able to do stuff like me going 10 and 2. they were just ok. but they smoked up because they could coordinate

I play with my girlfriend, we’re not top gamers and she has fun even when losing because we just enjoy playing. I dont think it would be fair to throw us against a healer tank couple who are elite gamers just because we happen to que as a duo. Maybe there needs to be a different rank system, because as i said earlier you can easily get commander rank 20+ without doing any pvp. So seeing a 20 rank shouldn’t immanently deter people from playing.

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Honestly, this looks like a fair match. You can’t expect to win every single time. Even when you do great, someone has to lose. Just look at your score, 71 to 73! This was not an unfair match. Can’t blame matchmaking for every lost game.

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