Wow, shots fired

It’s odd since it’s not even really a joke, it’s just what’s happening.

Not sure who shots were fired at though. Overwatch trolls or Battleborn.

Yeah, saw that but decided not to post it.

I agree totally with the comment about not comparing Overwatch and Battleborn.
Obviously, since I’m posting here, I disagree strongly with the other opinion expressed in the commentary.

I think one of the fundamental problems with all the BB debate is that the game sits on a spectrum like this:

Borderlands >>>>>>>> Battleborn >>>>>>>> Traditional MOBAs

So, someone coming to BB from the left (like me) is happy about the campaign, nervous about the PvP aspect, and would never be a target demographic for any of the games you’d put on the extreme right.

Someone coming from the right, however, is going to see something very different. They’re also going to run into a lot of folks coming from the left (me!) and complain bunches about people not knowing how to play the game…

At some point, this will all sort itself out. Until then I, for one, am more than happy to “agree to disagree” with the PA guys, and continue enjoying Battleborn for what it actually is - it’s own unique fusion of concepts in brilliant colours with typical GBX humour. (And I know that that last bit really isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s also fine.)

Edit to add: read the text behind the comic to get the full picture.


If you check out the article txt via the comic, they pretty much lay into Battleborn as a mess.

I played in the TA and Beta, and it was interesting, but it wasn’t the game I was looking for. I was just surprised to go to PA and see them lay into a game like that.

Overwatch is better in everyway unless you including game modes, amount of heros, actually having a campain (i saw your trailer dont make out like it has a story when it doesnt). And balence i know this game isnt 100 percent balence but i cant tell you how many times i was instant kill by the turret robot thing that just sat there and can self heal not to mention the others.
Also i dont know about you but in the uk they are the same price so to me battleborn was the right choice overwatch just has fanboy support.

(I dont actually think overwatch is better in everyother way by the way)

Yea…I played Overwatch Beta…felt empty to me, couldnt imagine getting any longterm satisfaction out of that. The mechanics were crisp, as were the graphics but it lacked personality.

I kinda get the feeling aside from being Blizzard brand, the triple OG no-scope finatics are what push that game so heavy. To each their own I guess.


To be honest, I like both games. Battleborn just came out first so I am putting my time into that. When Overwartch is released I will be playing that too. So far, I really like Battleborn and, from what I saw of Overwatch, I’ll like that too. But the two should not be compared.

I think people are naturally going to compare them is because they are both “Moba”-esque games that came out around the same time. So naturally people are going to think “Well I need one or the other, and the other one I don’t pick is bad”.

Obviously people are going to have their opinions on the games. Some people will like them, some will hate them. To hate a game based primarily on the fact that there’s something else “almost similar to it” is ridiculous. I’m not calling Battleborn a perfect game, even I can see it isn’t the greatest game, but I enjoy playing it and that’s what matters to me game wise. if you don’t like playing the game, then quit playing it.


I played the Overwatch beta and i can say for sure, that the game is an FPS, but the balancing is closer to LoL. I’m not a fan of being one-shot, it’s annoying. I prefer to be able to at least feel like I’m able to do something about a sniper before they kill me.

Overwatch is the mess, balance wise, and Battleborn just has so much more personality.
This is off topic, but TF2 is a mess as well, but has enough personality, and people playing to keep me coming back x3

TF2 Battleborn for life.

Penny Arcade has always been more or less ultra-biased toward Blizzard. To be fair, it’s been a long time I stopped reading them because they mostly weren’t fun anymore and had become pure trolls. Wisdom didn’t come with the years for them, sadly.