Wow, still haven't fixed the game huh

Haven’t played in a year, decided to come back to the game and play again with a friend. We load up the game, get in a party, go to enter the game and his Xbox shut down

I don’t care what improvements you have made … when your game is still crashing systems you have a major issue.

When 2 years later the game is crashing still why on earth would I pre order Wonderlands when there is no guarantee it will even work!!


I found out (after a 6 months or so break) that my main was nerfed along with her go-to gun (Projectile Recursion). GB’s continual tinkering has been my biggest beef.


gbox don’t even acknowledge that there is a problem. For them the problem lies in your hardware and not in the game.


Is there any proof either way? I’m on a PS4 and never seem to get crashes. Most of the time when I hear these stories it’s on the Xbox :man_shrugging:t2:


I am on PS4 and i am experiencing constant crashes, inventory/vehicle/options/splitscreen/vendor lags. even the online coop is unplayable.

It is probably my console since it is old, i tried some of the fix i could find but to no avail. When i go back to BL2 (and other games) it is running smoothly, I can even do off-host melee zero-ing.

What I am saying is BL3 is not optimize for older consoles, and gbox should have made a tone down version of it like removing marcus voice over and animations in the character selection screen etc. etc. for it to run smoothly.

Sometimes i wish i have a good hardware so that i can do more with my limited time. Just like Garwood in this video where he completes Maliwan Takedown faster than the PS4 loading time.


The fix is, sadly, to buy a PS5.

And I agree, BL3 on old gen is absolutely terrible. It was poorly optimized, and it feels so good not spending 6 minutes into just booting the game


I think they only way is to prove there is a problem is within the game files and code. But I am certain someone already has. That being said it should not be on the player base to test things.

Over the course of Borderlands 3’s life there has been a lot of evidence that testing is not apart of the development lifecycle for the game. Most of that being at M2.0 launch.

Thing to note usually is that who is actually making the game? Is it the people dedicating there lives to game development for franchises that they are passionate for. Or is it the people who manage the accounts and numbers with little knowledge on how games are made just what is a trending…


Nope…its still the buggy console crashing program that it was when it first released. I haven’t played it for well over a year because of @GBX inability to fix the game to where it would run stable. What makes the sting even worse is the fact that it released on the old gen consoles a year before the new gen consoles were released.

Whoever pre orders or day 1 purchase Wonderlands, more power to them but I certainly learned my lesson this time around when it comes to products from @GBX.


Xbox Issues section would be a start. Hundreds of threads dating back to launch complaining about the crashing issue.

And this was clearly never fixed going to the Series X. If anything, my game crashed far more than on the Xbox One S, and was even when I started encountering Ruiner shutting off consoles bug.

Cant even remember the last time GBX addressed this. Has to easily be over a year at this point.


Tried to play again with a friend… Didn’t even get to shoot a gun. He tried to join my game three times and all three times his Xbox one X crashed… Not the application back to him… The whole system crashed.

You aren’t even trying to fix this, why would I buy a game I can’t play with others … Just sell this as a solo game only for ■■■■■ sake cause multiplayer is unplayable (split screen or online)

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Yep, its still an issue since the game released. However as @GBX said they “are aware of it”…no wait I think it was “they’re looking into it” or was it “not at this time”, hard to remember. I’m sure all the issues that BL3 has will be fixed for Wonderlands, right???

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I think Gbx just forget about BL3 , release of BL3 was a nice year of hotfixes , patch , new stuff and now … Borderlands 3 ? Who ? i don’t know him