Wow! These mistakes though... Super Disappointed

First off the I love the game but I bought this to play split screen with my wife
and we are both super disappointed that they did not playtest this mode, at all.
If they did, they would know that:

  • The font is TOO SMALL!
  • The Lag is NOT Normal

But this most annoying mistake, or BUG, is this one:

  • Entering a room, or area, or leveling up or anything that puts GIANT TEXT on the screen while playing, completely covers up the screen of the HOST player.

I just needed to vent this on the forums because this should be fixed BEFORE anything else, and BALANCING issues should be done LATER on, after they fix this and also after they fix the INFINITE MONEY or INFINITE LEGENDARY glitches that are all over youtube (Glitch Queen). I am not mad that they are there, I am mad that they decide to BALANCE the weapons instead of fixing the EXPLOITS.

Anyway, am I wrong here? should they be balancing weapons and characters BEFORE fixing the cheating glitching and annoying splitscreen stuff?


Nope, just another point showing the game was NOT beta tested even remotely.

So many of these things would have been obvious to anyone who didn’t have $$$ blinders on…


I have an old PS4. but most games seems to work fine, but not Borderlands 3.

But nothing can stop me from enjoying this game.