Wow. This character is complete garbage (sometimes)

No wonder people think Galilea needs more nerfs.

She can’t DPS her way out of a paper bag. Don’t care which gear or helix choices you make.

And that overshield buff she gives allies every 20 or so seconds is nothing to write home about.

Wow. Just… wow. You can cut the fail with a knife.

Ok so I’m sure some people think she’s the best character ever. How do you make her work? And by work, I mean make a meaningful contribution to the team…

Don’t try to 1v1. Her dps alone is meh, but with an ally, her shield and Priority Target slow and damage boost makes her pretty much the best 2v2 skirmisher in the game.


She is better for support, don’t try to take people on with her alone.


Finally had a good match with her without either losing or being carried to victory. All helix upgrades that make her useful are soo far down the list, the matches were ending before I could get there. You kinda do need competent team mates to make her work, I’m finding.

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  1. Have you even actually played Reyna?

  2. Have you even actually played Battleborn?

In the right hands Reyna can be a great alternative support to Miko, especially on Capture and Meltdown, and she has one of the best legendaries in the game.


Reyna is a burst healer. Ok so classic healers like Miko can be played as a tethered pocket healer or an offensive build. Burst healers are both! Most of her abilities require teamwork so work with at least one other player and keep in mind in a 2v1 or 1v1 situation your effectiveness and survivability is cut in half. Only when one other ally in range does Reyna start to really shine!

Her first level up (ht2) offers one of the best slows in the game btw…

Guess I’m just gonna keep grinding away until I figure out something that works with her. Not used to playing a character that is relatively incapable of getting kills. Not to mention every team we matched with last night was full of 50-100 command score fireteams.

One thing that did work was following our Oscar Mike around.

Changed my mind again. This character really is that bad lol.

Any character that can’t DPS itself out of the icy clutches of the dread-horror that is a Wet Paper Bag is niche at best, and… well… terrible in general.

Can’t count the encounters I’ve lost today while facing off against characters at like 30% health. Or at best, they simply escape my LOLdamage.

By that logic, Ambra and to an extent Miko are also garbage. Just because someone can’t dps doesn’t make them useless. There’s a reason that healers are appreciated in most games they exist in.


Lol this guy is funny :joy:

You know…if you had aim you could hit crits, with Priority Target…after obliterating their shield with heatseeking pulse blasts. Shes not a DPS character, but if you cant put someone down with 30% life somethings wrong…unless youre trying to shoot while “kissing” Rath, Gali, Phoebe etc.

Alas every character isnt instinctively played well by everyone, its certainly not the character. Really you should be be idk? Supporting your team?


Talk about the game, not other forum users. Thanks.

Apologies :innocent:

Yup this definitely is not my character. Still gonna master her, grumbling all the way… at least it’s double XP week!

I have, however, discovered she can take out the Thrall camp slightly better than some characters… you can slow then unload a couple clips in em as they inch toward you. Not sure about the double thrall camps. Probably not gonna happen there.

Last few games I had with her were between 8-15 kills and at least 20 assists, so yeah I would say rethink your strategies and play style. Consider that she’s a support character, and pick your shots carefully, I use the pulse cannon first before smoking characters with the pistol. She’s well balanced in my opinion, she does enough damage, she heals good with the right gear, and she moves quick to get out of a lot of situations. Look at what characters are on your team, and plan accordingly. Example would be me following Boldur and Shayne and keeping their shields up and picking off the minions in their way. My kills came eventually, but I capitalized on chaotic situations. The important thing was that I wasn’t just setting the tempo by running in first because she isn’t meant to charge in, I kept my tanks up and put marks on who they were attacking. Supporting attackers are a lil trickier because they move faster, but because of that I finish off what they started. When her bubble becomes unlocked I use that to start a push on a sentry, every second blocking incoming fire is a second for the team to get off a few too. I get that you’re frustrated, but instead of just creating a post that bashes a character completely, just ask for advice on how to use her.


Think what really rubbed me the wrong way was I chased a wounded character/easy kill for literally any other character in the game and got rekt… I was like wow.

If you are playing her for DPS, you’re missing the primary focus of the character. Yes, her DPS is low. Yes, she has trouble getting kills. She is classified as a ‘support’ character, not an attacker. You should have a lot more ‘assists’ then outright kills as Reyna. You should focus on keeping your allies or minions alive and protected over killing an enemy. Reyna alone is weak. You can’t use the overshield on yourself (unless you are playing solo PVE). Her basic weapons damage output are weaker then average. Her plasma pulse can get superior DPS for tearing down sheilds, but that will NOT get you kills, as the bonus damage is lost when dealing health damage.

And yeah, don’t go running after a fleeing enemy. that is a bad idea in general practice, let alone with a support character like Reyna. If you do want to get a wounded character out, get the homing helix mod, tag them with priority target, and fire off homing plasma pulse blasts. You get about six shots before overheat. If that isn’t enough to kill them, leave it. Better to go back to supporting your allies then getting yourself killed off on your own.

My Miko is top-notch at pursuing and finishing off wounded enemies. Guess I was just spoiled by all the other great picks by the time I went Reyna. I’ve finally figured out how to play her more or less, but if she’s your pick and your team isn’t stellar you are going to have a bad time.

That should be the description of every support…

A “support” by definition is there to augment the abilities of their team, and help them do well. If you have a bad team, a support shouldn’t be able to just fix it.

She’s amazing after a few levels, throwing an OS restores shields, health, and gives them an OS instantly, and her mark+slow can essentially CC someone forever once she gets the duration upgrade.

Looking at those abilities, she’s clearly designed to help a teammate win a 1v1 situation… if that’s not what you’re doing, then her abilities aren’t doing what they’re designed to do, so of course you’re going to have a bad time.

I hated playing her in beta. I couldn’t get the hang of her. I too am used to characters that deal damage or are able to get themselves out of bad situations.

Once I gave her another try and have gotten used to her her I like her a lot. She doesn’t do that much damage and needs to rely on others to get herself out of bad situations, but as a support character she is very nice.