Wow you guys still playing war zone mod! I know i am!

It never gets old! Nothing like playing rth30 or eib single player with war zone mod installed!

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Happy Valentines Day to jmoney and everyone else in my favorite forum! :two_hearts: :grin:

You see, people like this make the forum great! :slight_smile:

Played the entire series During the December holidays, with WarZone, Full headphone sound at night.
Its was/is an amazing experience.

Will never get tired of playing these games.


Haha you too Rendroc!! We love ya man!! Your creativity and hard work has truly made our lives better.

Yep, it makes my gameplay in Cole’s Charge perfect, hundred soldiers charging on the battlefield compared to the vanilla where it’s only the 3rd squad mostly.


How did you get a hundred guys? Did you add them yourself with the mapmaker? Or edit Rendroc Ini somehow?

Not really hundred, just used that in exaggeration. But yeah, there’s around 40 plus US Paratroopers charging on the field.

Also, a few map edit (Adding custom Pawns) also did the trick.
My Rendroc Ini’s value for Americans multiplier is 3 and for Germans multiplier is 2.

It causes lots of lag on my rig, however.

I posted a video about it just long ago, here’s the link


I try getting this but some a-hole ended up putting a virus in one of the mod and it ultimately destroyed my laptop.