Wow, Zheitsev's Gasm'd, Thank You Maliwan Event Week :D

They do exist! Thanks for the event! Persistence paid off :smile:


This thing is for the Bandit Circle boss right? I s it good then?

You found a unicorn! Nice

You can get this drop from the Raging Titan/Titan in the Slaughter Shaft OR from Valkyries/Wotan in the Maliwan Takedown.

The gun shoots projectiles that home into the nearest target on reload, and gives a debuff of up to 160% increased damage taken from incoming gun damage. You can debuff and switch to another weapon and your friends can benefit from it during parties.

Good luck and please post your drops :smiley:

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This gun debuffs? interesting… I am collecting all debuff articles, I’ve already got the grenade “it s piss” and the tediore pistol (servbot or something from general Traunt) I am going to tell this friendly neighbor Goliath one word or two :grin:

Also was playing on Mayhem 4. Not sure if it drops on lower mayhem levels.

I think it is an exclusive m4, also is there a simple way to restart form the last round ? I tried using the fast travel but that does not work?

In m4 slaughter Shaft kill titan but make sure there is at least one enemy left, then kill yourself to reset the final round.

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Wotan dropped one for me but has anyone tried it out or know which character it is better for?Haven’t tried it yet, waiting till the event is over before i go through my inventory.

I have been going to Sanctuary and then restarting matchmaking to reset Maliwan. If i’m solo running I just quit the game and restart.

I am guessing Zheitsev’s probably good for Zane’s clone and Moze, but any class can benefit from the debuff. You can chain the debuff too if u leave it on reload and switch to another.

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