Wowzers Circles?

Hey guys I just noticed the new little circle user icons on the side instead of square ones.

I kind of like them. But it makes my picture look like i’m 300lbs LOL
What the deal with that?

is anyone else icon kind of not so good looking with the new circles.
I think I like it I look pretty funny!

Well, my square album cover is now a circle… All is not right in the world…

The change was in a recent update to Discourse. Its not anything GBX chose to do specifically . But apparently it can be reversed if wanted. (Not by users, but in the coding.)

Personally, i like the way they make things look. Despite it messing with my avatar as well.

I had to make a new avatar, because CIRCLES BROKE IT :frowning:

Mine was a circle anyways, but if feel bad for the others.

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Your circle also fits perfectly in the circle. So much hacks!

Greasy Broccoli definitely had something to do with this XD
you really lucked out with the perfect avatar picture.
what type of sorcery is this?

Well, when KrewlraiN found out where i lived, she messed with the natural order of things. Next thing i knew, we had round avatars. The power of the Broccoli is a strong one.

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If you find my house, will the circles become squares again?

I dont know, i would have to ask my lord for that one.

I think I know a better way… Find where the Dischord forums are programed and tell them to undo the circles. But make sure to not confuse Dischord forums with Dischord Records in D.C.!

@ACNAero There a scene from that movie that could fit into any conversation XD

What if they change it back to squares and Greasy Broccoli’s avatar gets stretched to a square?

If it means everybody else gets to be happy with their squares, I would make the sacrifice.

Also must note that I don’t agree with your assessment. Still look good to me :smile_cat:

You sir are a man above men. to make such a sacrifice for the good of the human race!
I bow to you sir.

But I think I want m

@ Kitty_Jo Awww thanks XD but I think I’m going to edit it to try and make it look like I’m 300lbs LOL

It cuts my raven’s head off, which is slightly irritating.

Well, they’re back to squares again. So all is right in the world, and by world I mean just here because it’s definitely not right anywhere else.

Everything still circles for me.

But mine went square for an hour or so yesterday.