Wrath's Knockup has a unfair upgrade!

In Wrath’s knockup, there is a upgrade for that skill that lets you silence the enemy for 3 seconds if im remembering this correctly, which in my opinion is BS, no character should have 2 types of CC in 1 skill its just not fair, that skill leaves you defenseless while setting him up for his ult which is super strong btw, the ult with just the knockup is strong on its own but if you are still alive when you land atleast it gives you a chance to fight back but when you give him a silence too that last 3 seconds there is just nothing humanly possible you can do to fight him off, at that moment you are 100% dead unless you are a tank at full health ( which no Wrath would ult if there are more targets around ). That upgrade should be taken out of the game, its just too strong imo.


totally agreed. if Rath have Catalytic Smash + Dreadwind, he can kill every enemy what he wanted.

I made this point in another post Raith got something to stun them BOLDUR got something to stun as well KELVIN EL dragon got a stun DEANDE got a stun. that fine he not only one with something like that but. give more time find way to kill ya. so cant blame but a two second stun us much worse.

Lets get something straight here, Deande’s stun is her ultimate. That stun is not nearly as strong as you believe it to be, Rath’s stun I can see being an issue if it were more than just a stun. I don’t think his includes anything more than that, so it’s fine in my opinion (plus Rath’s stun requires you to land another ability before you have access to it).

I do however agree with the original poster that Rath shouldn’t have access to an ability that not only causes a knock-up but also slinces.

But let’s not forget that Rath IS an Assassin, and as such is supposed to be able dispose of his enemies quickly. Other Assassins in the game don’t do nearly as well as Rath does such as Deande & Whiskey Foxtrot.

d_Chrome_d let’s be clear it not a stun it’s a knock up stun>vs knock up. and I am lv 78 so let me tell you something you didn’t know Deande has skill called uppercut every fifth basic ak she knock you up into the air much worse trust me. then what rath got going for him.

Before you “try” setting me straight, you should read more thoroughly. Unless you missed my entire comment in general. I MAIN Deande before I even continue replying to whatever you’re saying any further.

Deande’ knock-up isn’t even worth mentioning due to the low damage she currently carries with her as an Assassin. I can knock someone up 3 or 4 times with nothing to gain from it other than annoyance.

Your entire post was strictly to add some sort of superiority over me as if you knew something I didn’t. This forum isn’t a place for such arrogance, and you should definitely check yourself before posting @ someone.

then I am sorry you come off same way as if you had superiority over me some so just I just treated you the same way treated me. the game has not come out yet. so what you said kind of funny saying you main her. but if you mained her wouldn’t had said this Let’s get something straight here, Deande’s stun is her ultimate. That stun is not nearly as strong as you believe it to be. most stuns in game can be stopped and countered by having good teammates nearby.but with her ult it not the case because you are untargetable when you ult, with DEANDE so it much stronger than you know from that standpoint. just stun them they don’t have so much follow up damage never said it was strong I was just going over most the stuns in game she just one of many. just said she had stun but her stun is stronger than rath knock up.

Talk about the game, please. Not other forum users.

I been talking about the game the entire time ahahhahaaha just wanted to apologise .

I don’t mind the knockup, it’s his only tool for stopping/catching enemies. Plus, UNLESS he gets the silence upgrade, you can easily get away from him. If he does, then make sure sure you aren’t 1v1-ing him. He is meant to kill people caught out alone.
Side-note: Benedict can fly away when knocked up since his double jump and glide aren’t skills~

Benedict can fly away when knocked up since his double jump and glide aren’t skills.so toby and Caldarius could do the same then,if that is the case.