Wrecking Eclipse/EOS Video

Borderlands TPS - Claptrap Eclipse/EOS kill x2 (Legit + NukemSwap)

Beware the Horde of OLT Mongol rockets! …and the Flakker

Here’s how I get my farm on, for your reference and entertainment

The main idea with Eclipse is to get in his grill and unload with a Casual Flakker… Stay airborne with a Strafing Run kit for an extra DPS boost, hit VH.exe for a lucky Funzerker. Alternatively, walk up to him, eat everything he throws at you to go down, and then unload. That way you’ll extra-wreck him with Blue Shell, Best Buds 4 Lyfe, and Living Near the Edge.

For EOS, The Ideal Mongol for Clappy is Rugged, Muscovite’s or Worker’s (Damage, Swapspeed, Mag Size acc), Vladof Grip, Torgue Exhaust, Sight doesn’t matter too much (avoid Maliwan). Lead EOS a bit when he pops out and then unload. If you don’t have a Mongol, chase EOS around with a Flakker until he drops you a few Oranges and Purp Launchers, then hit the grinder.

Further build details here [Build] POD-TP: Here Comes the Boom! (Updated for Claptastic Voyage!)

Got a lucky Laser Disker (Maliwan grip) drop while recording it, will donate it to somebody if you ask nicely.

Great Job. Potential speed ups aren’t that evident other than pre-rolling a shotgun subroutine, pre-stacking LnS and potentially throwing more explosive grenades to take more advantage of LnS during the eclipse stage (Provided you manage to roll another FunZerker). Maybe the Oz Kit could be something else but reload speed is pretty good.