Wrestlefan85’s NEW Level 53 Anointed Gear Trading Post!

Enclosed is my updated spreadsheet featuring my latest haul of L53 anointed Guns, Shields and Grenades for trade. (Class Mods and Artifacts are not yet available for trade, still sorting through them). I am looking for the following L53 gear for Amara:

-Brainstormer (on ASE, next 2 mags deal 50% bonus Incendiary Damage

-Rowan’s Call (Fire element)

-Recurring Hex grenade (Cryo element)

-Primeval Spectral Phasezerker class mod (must have minimum +3 in Anima skill. A +5 in it would be huge :smirk:)

-Elemental Projector Victory Rush artifact

One item found, bumping thread for other trades

My artifact stats are

Elemental Projector Victory Rush (+16% Shock Damage) (+16% Fire Damage) (+27% Cryo Effeciency)
Elemental Projector Victory Rush (+18% Shock Damage) (+18% Fire Damage) (+33% shield recharge rate)
Elemental Projector Victory Rush (+1487 Max Health) (+21% Action Skill Cooldown Rate) (+29% Shock Resistance)

My cryo hex is 25% damage increase on grenade throw. Let me know if you want any of these. thanks Tom dot66

@stefntom Yeah I’d be interested in the Hex grenade, plus the Victory Rush with the Cryo Efficiency perk on it. What would you like for them? You can pick whatever you like out of my stash :+1:t2:

would you have any interest in a Brainstormer withASE 2 Mags shock instead of Fire?

@j_r_hicks87 I specifically need Incendiary for my build, unfortunately.

I would like
Face-puncher Deep Dive Shotgun On ASE, next 2 mags deal 50% bonus Cryo damage

and if the hex is a recursive hex then:

Hex Cryo On ASE, gain 50% bonus Shock damage with weapons for 10 secs

otherwise send me this stop gap:
Stop Gap Acupuncture 13% Cryo On ASE, gain 50% bonus Shock damage with weapons for 10 secs

Thanks Tom GT = Tom dot66 Please remind me what your GT is?

Distressing news. I have lost my cryo recursive hex 25% damage on grenade throw. Disappointing for you. Good luck in your quest to obtain one. I will be joining you in farming the sky bullies in order to get that hex grenade again. Please just send the face puncher and I will send the artifact. thanks Tom dot66

@stefntom It’s good, my GT is Wrestlefan85. I’ll send your stuff tomorrow evening. :+1:t2:

I will send you the gear tonight. thanks

@stefntom I’m online right now and can send your gear, is your user name also your GT??

Still at work. Be home in about 2 hours. Yes, my GT is Tom dot66. thanks

@stefntom Just sent the Face-Puncher, enjoy!

Thanks. EP VR sent. Happy gaming. :slight_smile:

I have a Phazezerker (+5 anima) w/ weapon damage, weapon fire rate, and damage reduction. Unfortunately it is level 50, so you may not be interested.

I also have a level 53 fire Rowan’s Call w/ 50% fire next two mags.

@Jobo0302 Yeah I’d be interested in that Rowan’s Call, what would you like out of my stash for it? Even though the Phasezerker is L50, that +5 in Anima is tempting, it’ll hold me over until I get a L53 one. So I’ll go ahead and take that one too. Just let me know what you’d like for them and I’ll send ‘em your way!

Bump, still looking for these L53 items…

Just fyi - i sent you some gear. Tom

@stefntom Hey buddy, haven’t been in game in a few days, been crazy busy at my work. I’ll check out what you sent me tomorrow or Friday when I’m able to get on my game. :+1:t2:


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