Wrestlefan85's L53 Anointed Gear Trading Post (New Gear coming Tomorrow!)

New Sheet and Needs for L53 coming soon

I was going to have a look but I don’t really want to give my email to access the file. Could you change the protection? If you have stuff I need I’ll check my bank for gear you want tonight.


How do I change it? This is the first time I’ve used a spreadsheet so I didn’t know about that

Think I got it, try it again guys

Working now. I’ll have a look through my gear for stuff you need tonight

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Raging Bear mods - 25 Hyperion reload, 31 smg, 31 pistol or 28 splash, 25 weapon dmg,25 atlas reload. Kybs- I have shock/ corrosive & Fire/ corrosive with ase 125 splash.

List Updated for pending items and Spreadsheet updated 9:35 pm, 2/12/20

Bump to update “In Search Of” list. Let’s get Moze finished up together!

Sorry gamer tag is Reaper12804 for redistributor level 53

Going to be “restarting” my bank soon, farming for L53 gear. Will have a new assortment soon, stay tuned!

Full bank of L53 Gear coming tomorrow!!! Going to be looking for the following L53 Gear:


-Brainstormer (On ASE, next 2 mags deal 50% bonus Incendiary damage) (Would love a Redundant, but Cash Infused is okay)

-Rowan’s Call (Fire element)

-Recurring Hex Grenade (Cryo element)

-Phasezerker Class Mod (Must have +3 in Anima)

-Elemental Projector Victory Rush artifact

-Zappy Ice Breaker artifact (Purple rarity)



If you have any of my needs, I’ll send you the link to my spreadsheet tomorrow evening first before I upload it publicly so you can get first crack at the goods! Look forward to more good trading!

I’ve got a few different Elemental Projector Victory Rushes, although they all have pretty crap stats.
But if that’s not an issue I can list them all out for you to pick from.

Edit: Also just picked up a Phasezerker with +3 in Anima, as well as +33% Sniper Damage if you were planning on using a Wedding Invitation.