Wrist Taser tips

Just unlocked Kleese and enjoying it of course.
I must be using the wrist taser wrong though because I don’t find it useful.
It is?

It is very useful when you unlock his chain lightning ish helix. I use it more than his actual primary due to hitting multiple enemies at once and destroying shields

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Noted, thx.

it does a ton of damage and can’t miss, soooo when you have those tiny hit-box players jumping all over, turn it on, and jump around too, you won’t miss though. You can use your chair power to fly up to where they can’t reach you as well (remember you can jump as many times as you want as long as you have energy) and if you’re in a field of your shield regens then they’ll be taking damage while you’re healed too.

His taser is one of his most powerful tools :wink:

Here’s a terrible example, but it kinda gives you the idea (plus you can watch my kleese FLYYYYY) whttp://xboxdvr.com/gamer/V0LUM3/video/17454269


just remember the taser uses the same energy as the chair,so you might find yourself flat on the ground with no more taser.

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The main use for the taser is eating shields. You can tear through overshield like nothing, and it’s also great for securing a kill on a weak enemy attempting to flee. Kleese is a hard counter to Ambra because she gains no life from draining shields and her overshield is paper to the taser.