Wrong loot level all of a sudden

I play BL3 with a friend and solo. today something strange happened. We played coop (me lvl 50 friend lvl 24) and we both got loot way under our levels (41 and 12). My friend was hosting. When I hosted everything was fine. He checked solo later, and there as well he got level 10-12 loot. It seems something’s broken with his savegame or what could that be? We couldn’t find a german board and he’s not speaking any english, that’s why I’m asking for him here.

I’m surprised this didn’t get more response - maybe there aren’t a lot of people playing split screen on xbox. I noticed this last night myself - my character is level 50 and the other was level 18, but the weapons that dropped for them were as low as level 1! Seems like something a bit buggy in the loot-leveling code?