Wrong Mail Rewards, Omen

I have noticed that a few of the mail rewards seem to be switched around. Playing on PC through Epic, and I was checking my mail and I noticed I had gotten one from Omen after the end of his quest, but while he mentions vehicle colours, the reward is a white Trick Marshal. Including a screenshot to show what I mean: http://prntscr.com/ro9385

Yeah, all of a sudden, a bunch of old character customization items (skins and heads, mostly from the Seasonal Event SHIFT Codes) showed up in my inbox again. Darned weird glitch. It wouldn’t bother me if customization items were worth more than a measly dollar when you sell them in-game. :man_shrugging:


“We’re also sending everyone the themed seasonal items from the previous Bloody Harvest and Holiday events (including a level 57 version of the Juliet’s Dazzle Legendary Assault Rifle) for anyone who might’ve missed them the first time around. Look for them in your in-game mailbox when you log in before 8:59 AM PT on April 30. Oh, and one more thing: here’s a SHiFT code for a whopping 10 Golden Keys.”

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Still doesn’t explain that white gun reward replacing a skin.

Probably a code error?


That’s unrelated.

On PS4 and I had a trinket and the “Gearbox loyalty reward” (Hyperion smg) inverted. One had the description of the other and vice versa.

Two completely different issues. The items in mail wasn’t an issue as pointed out it was a “gift” for anyone who missed the original glitchy unorganized release/reissue of higher level copies of the weapons to us that already had them(4 times now I’ve gotten juliette’s dazzle).
The Omen mail is definitely a miscode. He clearly writes about displaying the colors on your ride, instead you get a random white Marshal. Mine was a Generic Anointed Polite Marshal, with Accuracy and Handling increase on ASE. I want the Fish skin for my car, not a $20k gun.

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Just completed this one and got a white peacekeeper. Has anyone gotten the fish skin?