Wrong way, and an idea

I’ve been reading the forum since the tier 2 skins launched, and i’ve been thinking about this with some friends who own the game too.

And we all think the same, the skins, ALL OF THEM, tier 3, 4 , 5 , … must be like all the other things in the game able to be purchased with ingame credits OR platinum.

I mean, both ways to get things, a way for people who doesn’t want to farm those credits, and a way for people who prefer enjoy the game and farm those credits.

Here is an important fail in this game, you have low population of players, the game full cost money, it is not a free to play game, the free to play games have a reason for skins only for money, they dont earn money in any other way.

But you gearbox are earning money by selling a game, and not selling a game for 5 dollars / euros (i love the conversion here -.-) u are selling the game for 60. plus the season pass (i have it too). And im not saying “give me all the skins for my pretty face” no, i’m saying, give us the possibility to purchase the skins we want with our ingame credits.

Give the skins a crazy prize! dont know, put it all to 100k! and if someone want his skin he has to pay with money for it, or farm the credits.

Seriusly, you are doing it wrong, we love the game, we enjoy the game, WE PAID THE GAME, WE SUPPORTED THE GAME. And we are not stupids.

Hope this can make you all think a bit about the way you are taking.

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