Wrong, wrong wrong, I get them all wrong and I don't care

I tend to call things what I want in every game I play even if it sounds nothing like what its supposed to be. On forums, IRC, TS and on Steam this gets really bad for people who’ve never played games with me but I’m weird so I’ll keep doing it.

Can you figure out what the actual enemies and characters are?

  • The Phonetic Dragon
  • Gazorpazorp
  • ■■■■■■■ dogs
  • Space Blobs
  • Space Bats
  • Flying Ants
  • Mel B


  • Blue balls
  • Turrets
  • Fats
  • Dogs
  • Damn Worms

Don’t worry, most of the people I play games with know my terminology and most have adopted it for reasons unknown. Games like Killing Floor have now been officially named Killer Fools by everyone I play it with… and the perk names, you had better know what perk Command Riker is to be a Killer Fools Pro.


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  • Phonic Kraggon
  • Colonel Zarpedon
  • Kraggon Pebbles
  • Shugguraths
  • Rathyds
  • Tork Harrower
  • Meg???


  • no clue
  • no clue
  • Goliaths
  • Skags
  • Threshers

Aren’t the names of all enemies shown right above their heads? :smile:

Blue balls might be blue and turret could be hyperion turret. Can’t think of a boss turret except for in borderlands 1.

I suppose they are, but like instruction manuals I tend to not read them or if I do, my mind tends to skew things into what you see on that list. I mean, that space dog that poops out money totally looks like a Phonetic Dragon, right??? RIGHT? :frowning:

BTW Mech, I didn’t know you were on these forums and I haven’t seen you around BU in ages. Add me on steam, I still have all the UT games installed if you’re not playing the BL games. Unless you’re a different Mechik then nevermind and carry on. :stuck_out_tongue: