Wrriddle's Attempt at Editing Videos

I really don’t think I’m a good enough player to do something like that, but whatever: I’ve tried making a montage of some Deande material I had.

When I was sick yesterday and couldn’t do anything that required concentration, I was watching through a few of my older recordings. I always wanted to try out video editing and I have a song that is a little special to me, since it helped me through some very bad moments in my life. I always wanted to try to find something fitting for that song and watching through my footage gave me some ideas.

Let me just preface: I had never used any video editing software before (with the exception of cutting tools). It is nowhere near perfect. I also didn’t search in every match I have recorded and I had some difficulties to find something fitting for the part of the song with the vocals.

It is just something I wanted to do for myself and I thought I’d share it here in case someone is interested in it.

Please excuse the low resolution. I’m a little nostalgic about my monitor which already survived four PCs and 1440x900 is all I can do on my system since I bought this thing more than 15 years ago. The best part of the video probably is the song that can be also found here (without my gameplay).



a man after my own heart.

only now i need a different song for my end of battleborn mega montage that will put all my other ones to shame.

which one are you using?


Blender for editing and Avidemux for cutting.

You can do both in blender. And you can edit frame by frame

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I know, Avidemux feels just more responsive for me when cutting. I extracted bigger blobs with the scenes I wanted to have with that and only did the fine tuning with Blender.

Pretty damn good work. The only thing I would suggest is if you’re using music with a strong beat, you want to try and cut on the beat as much as you can. It’s very effective if done correctly.


Thanks. If I ever do something like this again, I’ll try to find some more footage first to find more pieces to puzzle together.

As I said, it was a first try and I didn’t find it too bad (or it never would’ve went up on youtube). Took me long enough to put that together, usually don’t have that much time. Maybe I’ll try it again some day, have a few clips left which just didn’t fit anywhere in this.

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Whaaaat. This is one of the highest resolution Battleborn videos I’ve seen.


I was working on this for the past few weeks and now have finally finished my second montage. :slight_smile:

This time I went with a much more energetic song and tried to find a few fitting clips for it. This video has a bigger variety of characters and gamemodes this time, I didn’t want to only include Deande in it.

I had fun while creating the footage and editing the video. Maybe someone is interested in the end result. :wink:

Special thanks to @MentalMars who made me aware of that song. He used the original version of it in his Kid Ultra release trailer and it has been one of my favourite songs since then. Version 2 of this song (which was used for this montage) can be found here.

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NICE! Loved the oscar mike riff halfway through the video. I still love that tune. i found the chiptune version a better fit for my kid ultra trailer, but v2 is pretty rocking. Great action packed video, looking forward to the next one

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No worries, V1 was just perfect for your video. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Had to do that, it was just too fitting. :smiley:

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Although I shouldn’t do things like that: I made another video.

Merry Christmas to everyone here. :slight_smile:


The el Dragon 10 man looked legit af

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Yup, it was pure madness and the testosterone levels were over 9000. I’m a little sad that sessions like those don’t happen very often.


Now it is official.


The next session I play will be the one when I pass the 1000 hour mark and never did I expect to spend that much time in a game with such a focus on PvP. I bought Battleborn for the story missions, because that was what I exclusively played during the open beta and where I had plenty of fun with trying out all the characters I managed to unlock while it was active.

During the first few weeks after release I found some people I knew from reddit in public story missions and somehow ended up playing a few PvP matches with them and had more fun than I thought. I had already unlocked Deande by then, I had her at max rank and almost had her lore finished (playing with Ambra was the only one missing and she was really hard to find at this time), but my teammates didn’t trust me enough to play anything else than a pocket Miko for the Galilea on the team. In hindsight when I look at my loadout at this time: The distrust was justified.

I solo queued on weekends to be able to play Deande without having to worry about being kicked from the lobby, I had fun with juggling Boldurs and Montanas and I had a few proud moments with her, but I never was someone who stood out with her. In all honesty, Ambra is the only character I could play even when I was the only non competitive player in the lobby - everyone else was pretty much useless in those games. My Deande is and always was hobby-grade level, but she is the character who kept me playing and I still enjoy tinkering with builds for her and trying out different things (with exception of Ground Zero). When our tens started to have more players who aren’t in one of the EU countries I started to experience connection issues which sometimes made playing Deande a real pain. On some days I was just proud of staying in single digit death count and had to apologize for being completely useless when the game looked like that for me:

Still, I didn’t give up on her. I played and recorded a few matches when my connection wasn’t as bad as the clip above and for the special milestone, I could make another montage for the one character who is special to me:

I also want to use this post to just say thank you to @Nemosis327: You’ve been a big inspiration and help for me to become one of the Deande players who are (at least sometimes) trusted enough to make her kinda work even against the worst counter comp imaginable. You spent more time I could’ve ever asked for to analyse some of my gameplay I showed you and gave me some useful hints. Watching your videos and streams showed me a few things I could implement into my own gameplay, reading your guides also helped me tremendously. You also were the one who brought me in contact with my Ambra mentor and turned me into someone who once got a very surprising private message with “How in the world can you carry a match as Ambra???”. Thank you for the help to improve my gameplay. Without you I probably would’ve stopped playing out of frustration a while ago.


Deande is probably the hardest Battleborn to play with a bad connection. She just flails around doing nothing.

Really like the little wiggle she does at 1:18. Almost looks like showboating before a kill :joy:. Never seen that before.


I actually do too.

I like that little animation glitch and sometimes start the ult that way even when I don’t really need to close a gap like in the video.

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Red bar Phoebe. =\


Red bar Phoebe must be torture. :frowning:

Phasegate and True Strike at least sometimes work for me, but I’m still not that great on her.

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I gotchu fam. <3