WTB level 26ish Legendary Wilhelm Class Mod

So I just beat Zarpedon, I’m roaming around Helios still and open the Medical vendor and to my shock I see the legendary Wilhelm mod! I could not believe it!!! Yet… I was 8k short and could not buy it… even if I sold my entire inventory…

What a loss… I may never see that again :frowning:

So if anyone has one around that level… my Xbox One GT is DFA1

I mean it isn’t too big of a deal since you are only level 26 you can get it if you can grind 3 purple class mods together that is how I got mine. Those should be easier to find that a legendary one.

Ahhh good point point! Never thought of that, now where to farm moonstone… Really wish they were picked up automatically.

you don’t even need to moonstone grind I got it on my first try without moonstone and my second and third.