WTB list, currently empty

got everything, thanks for the trades, everyone!

I could offer you a 0404 shock practicable development (though it has jakobs Stock and not hyperion) and arctic Bomber oz kit. Both level 70. Interested?^^

Definitely. Steam id is wintypes / Ha_Na

Would you be interested in a thunderfire for trade?

I already got all legendaries from the new dlc^^ u dont need to give me anything for it, take it as payment for your tips on my captain cold^^

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sent you a friend request^^

got a pitchfork for you corrosive, not sure of prefix lvl 70

Thanks, I already have a corrosive one, am looking for a cryo one.

sorry should have seen the symbol in front of the gun

Still looking! Killing EOS and the Subroutine 5 times a day and taking their droppings to the grinder, and still no luck.