WTF are these drops

mayhem 1 no luck guardian rank

i can not take a step without finding legendary dude…

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The game :heart_eyes: you! :laughing:

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Are you seriously complaining about finding Legendaries? :rofl:
Go play BL2 for comparison and after hundreds of hours farming, you get zilch

I truly believe GBX needs to be praised here…They saw how bad the drop rates were in Borderlands 2, and they made a massive, and beautiful improvement in BL3
Those guys need to be praised and congratulated, and I am forever grateful that I can now play a Borderlands game and see Legendaries, without really trying
And no, I’m not being sarcastic here, If I saw the Gearbox devs in real life, I would seriously hug them, and I will tell them how grateful I am to see Legendaries in a game, I think they did a wonderful service for us, and they make the game exciting and worth playing now


i have more bl2 than you wanna know and while i disagree with 3% original drop rate post buff 9% was good enough. it was not an orange simulator there is nothing exciting about playing with legendaries from level 1 and being rewarded a legendary at the end of every damn story quest and then those legendaries being endgame buffed leggos that one shot everything left right and center. this is nothing but disheartening.



Legendaries are too easy to get (excluding dedicated drops) and too powerful.

I say don’t buff legendaries, reintroduce pearls, make those rare and powerful, but do not lock them behind paid dlc.


Imagine they bring the norfleet back as a pearl that drops from chubbys with like a .5% drop rate. That would be the farm of the century!


Currently playing BL2 Zero on normal. Got a hornet first try and a Harold 4th try.

Maybe RNGesus is smiling on me. Let’s see how many tries to get a fastball.

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Hell yes!! That’d be great! I think you just broke my potent creamer.

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Dunno haha targeted farming was allways pretty generous for me in 2 :innocent:

BL3 however throws legendaries to the point I feel the game is trying to kill me with legendary drops (because nothing else can hahaha)

M10/11 makes your eyes water through orange beams :joy::joy::joy:

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This is scraptrap nest ofc you are going to drop lot of legendaries here, it s a place where people specially go every time they want a quick world drop farm.
I did a vanilla playthrough no mayhem no guardian ranks recently and while the drops rate of legendaries are indeed higher than what they used to be at launch (and I am not even talking about bl2) imo they are fine: you are not showered but you do find them in a regular basis so they are relevant. Once you step into mayhem territory, another story , but given the game system of anoints those high drops rate are necessary anyway. Ofc lower mayhem could afford to have lower drop rates as anoints are not yet necessary at this point, but hey don’t tell me you expect GB to balance their system ? :rofl: if something could simply be tweaked into a satisfactory state they will f… it up by turning all the dials all the way down or up depending on their mood. So pick your poison either no drops or looooot of drops, personally I still prefer a lot since most of them are not usable anyway.


people cried and cried about drops so much that world drops are insanely high! i do not mind dedicated drops to be even 20% drop rate not at all. but jeusus christ it is not just scrapTP nest literally everywhere i go legendaries rain i have full stream up on my twitch it is ridiculous. and it is all the more annoying that so many drops are anointed which is super duper overkill.

i often get the impression that i drop almost as much legendaries as purples for gods sake and it is just m1 completely makes the run unnecessarily unfun :d

Yeah I remember people screaming that drops where to low and at the time was farming gigamind… 9 out of 10 kills dropped at least 1 legendary (old M4)

So yeah… GBX only listened to the people who struggled with the game (or the “casual” player)

It was a downward spiral from there on out

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Again when people complain about drop rate I think it’s about dedicated drops and they are right imo, try to farm for a good psychostabber for instance, the pain it is even on m10 utter waste of time


If all you’re looking for is any old legendary at all, maybe, but when you start looking for exactly one specific legendary, with specific parts, one specific damage type, and a specific anointment, you need all the drop rate you can get.
Maybe it’s a Bl 1 vs Bl 2 thing; where in a lot of cases in 2 getting any old version of a legendary was fine, but in 1, you really wanted one very exacting and specific part combination for the exact purpose you wanted - and that kind of specificity requires larger drop rates if there’s no way to influence your drops in particular directions.

You guys complain about drop rates all you want, but even with the rates the way they are, I’m still looking for a level 65 upgrade to my ASE Damage radiation Mitosis or MIRV Hex, and looking for a Breaker and Kensei COM with exactly the right skill and passive combinations. I’ve gotten several Hellwalkers, but still not exactly the anoint I’m looking for, etc.


Some are probably worse then others :innocent:

I know I had a far easier time farming a masher clairvoyance then a 100% cryo non elemental soulrender (which I haven’t found yet after lvl 65 haha)

I didn’t mind the grinding but then I came to the conclusion that was the only thing that was somewhat enjoyable hahaha

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GB only do extreme
I farmed a ion cannon and it was fine :rofl:

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I’ll say at least around 8 to 12 runs if your on normal but seems i heard a while back it wont drop unless you’re at least level 13 when you turn in the mission. I think Joltz mentioned that so hopefully this info will help you not waist a lot of time. Oh and i just started another Kreig, BL2 is timeless!!


I agree with this. I wish pearls would come back to in their true form from BL1, not the versions from 2 tho.

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I like this idea. Being the farm of the century tho for me is i STILL get on BL1 ever now and then trying to get my first pearl drop of certain items. Heck i still havent had a nemesis drop for me yet and i was a day one player of that game.

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Yeah, I was waiting until lvl13. Currently using the skyrocket that one gets at the beginning as a bonus for something or other. It’s great because it scales with you but the potential for self damage is high :rofl:

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