Wtf Deathless Artifact

Grinding and grinding. Have not seen one. Like 30 plus hours. Anyone have a location or idea where they found one

My best luck right now for any and all artifacts has been Graveward. Have gotten in the past shock stone, cyro stone, and my current knife drain deathless that way.

Online or offline

Both. I’m sorry to say I just delete a bunch of spares last night. If I find any new ones as I’m grinding I’ll save them for you.

Thanks a bunch Order Thru Kaos is my gamertag.

Got one! Last Stand Deathless with 29% corrosive resist/29% shock resist/14% reload speed. Not super super but it’s a start! Plus last stand is great.

Realized I can just mail it if you’re on my friends list. Sent! Along with one more.