Wtf happened to split screen?

(Powtreeman) #1

So with the power of Xbox One this game cant even be played on split screen like it could on the 360?
I get the connection issues in multiplayer online but why wouldn’t you add split screen?
The few people that would want to play this are probably older men with kids who want to share their awesome childhood gaming experience in their own home.


The Xbox 360 version didn’t have splitscreen either. Only the Nintendo 64 version did.

(Powtreeman) #3

I could have sworn it did… Plus I don’t think the 64 could play on Co op

(Keithpaterson250) #4

Add Icon Man AAA ill play some duke with ya


Duke Nukem 64 had 2 players co-op, 4 players Dukematch split-screen. The Xbox 360 version only had online.


Yep, Todesziege knows best.