Wtf happened...?

This happened to me tonight…I got nothing…Anybody?

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Was that a thrall axe at the 21 second mark? I know knockback is crazy at times

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Why does everyone’s game run at 60 fps but me?

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This has happened to me also. The only time a charter like Kleese can fly like Melka with claw lunge. It was also on overgrowth


Following he above statement…maybe a combination of knockback and map geometry?(or minion geometry possibly)

It’s only happened to me once so I wasn’t overly worried about it. Maybe a glitch from all the changes for bbday idk

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Same, happened to me about 1 or 2 weeks ago. I had no idea what that was but I’m glad I’m not the only one to experience it.


Something similar happened to me like this tonight. It was on Monuments and much less extreme but I don’t have an explanation for it. It definitely wasn’t lag because I was in green bar the majority of the match.

Seems like you got knocked up/back by the Thrall and then went off the rails when you hit something in the geometry. I’ve had similar things happen to me in varying degrees, usually when I use a mobility skill like Claw Lunge. Claw Lunge, just gently skirt something that wasn’t snapped properly and I’m skating off into space suddenly. The game has difficulty with knockback physics pretty often.

This would be a pretty extreme example of that though, and I assume the game/the server didn’t know how to handle that much unexplained momentum and just threw you somewhere weird.

Edit: upon closer examination, it looks like that was your thrall that hit you, which ofc should be impossible. Must have been a freak bug or the server just had a heart attack and didn’t know what to do with you for that moment.

I had the same thing on Monuments the other day, though with Orendi and wasn’t doing anything particularly odd to trigger it.

I’ve had that ridiculous knockback happen to me before and someone said it was one of Ernest’s skills but I see from that video it’s not the case. I was sent unfortunately from near our sentry and landed next to theirs. Was completely murdered by the sentry and their team.

What GPU are you using because it makes a huge difference for this game.

Definitely. It seems to bleed over into all displacing effects as well. I remember once, I used an Orendi nullify at the same time a Galilea used pull on Desecrate. They must have triggered at the same time and caused an issue because the effect threw me from fighting just outside the enemy sentry all the way into our friendly sentry.

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Yup, stuff like that. I’m not sure why this game has soooo many issues with its physics and maps. If a serious competitive environment evolved in BB, the high level pros would be making daily videos about new and inventive ways to exploit the physics to your advantage. They’ll give a whole new meaning to backdooring.

Monument and benedict, idk if the exploit still works

I play on Console, is that why?

when i get out of work ill post my video

Consoles are stuck at 30 frames right now unfortunately.

It’s a side effect of Unreal Engine stacking physics proportionally. Can be very fun but sometimes a bit derpy. At least when it’s weird it tends to be hilarious.

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out from work now, here is mine lol. happened when taking out the sentry, I didn’t notice or see anything hitting me for it to happen, game was just like, see ya later, you’re out of here, lol.


Yeah, after it happened I had this thought of the Galilea saying, “Did you see Orendi teleport away? He must be cheating.”

Then there’s me looking around and wondering, “Where did I go just now?”

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